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February 2010

Alex at Five Months

Yes, it is time for the now semi-traditional interview with Alex as he turns another month older. This clip was taken just under two hours before Alex officially turned five months old at 21:04 UTC today (that’s 1:04 PM Pacific, 4:04 PM Eastern), or a little over two hours ago as I post this. (Remember, months are 30.4368499 days long or so… :-) )

Wow, has it really been five months already?

I definitely already can’t remember what life was like without him around. :-)

Alex Loves His Fish

He will sit and happily watch the fish for long stretches of time. Eventually he will get frustrated when he talks and talks and talks to them, but they never answer.

Alex Mass Doubling Time

It was close yesterday, but as of today based on the overall trend line for Alex’s mass…

Alex has doubled in mass!

Anyway, it looks like he is doubling every 148 days.

Assuming an exponential growth pattern…

His mass will exceed my own when he is 1.8 years old.

His mass will exceed that of the Earth when he is 32.6 years old.

Such a big boy!

(Note that this is of course dependent on the exact methodology I use for drawing the trend line, but I like how I draw the line, so I’ll stick to it! It is better than just looking at today’s reading vs the first one right after he was born… human mass fluctuates and there is non-trivial experimental imprecision, so it is important to look at trends over a bunch of data points, not individual readings. And I’ll be sticking to the idea that his growth will be exponential, even though you can clearly see that the shape of the curve is not exponential. I’m sure that is just an anomaly, and it will become exponential any time now. :-) )

Before the Formal

Must embarrass the teenagers by posting pics. It is a parent’s job.

No Snow Here!

What are you all East Coast folks going on about?

Speeches and Lies

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner…

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • The iPad
  • The SOTU
  • Question Time
  • Toyotas

Just click to listen now:

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Finally Time to Sling!

Given that they had started to let on VOIP over 3G I’d hoped this would be coming soon…

SlingPlayer iPhone App Gets Go-Ahead to Stream over 3G
(Kevin Purdy, Lifehacker, 4 Feb 2010

If you’ve got a SlingBox and an iPhone, you could previously fork over another $30 to get the SlingPlayer app and watch your home TV and recordings … over Wi-Fi, which kind of defeated the whole purpose of mobile watching (aren’t you usually home already when you’re on Wi-Fi?). But Sling and AT&T have reached an agreement on 3G streaming, so the SlingPlayer will get an upgrade to truly mobile TV streaming as soon as Apple approves the upgrade. Existing SlingPlayer owners will get the upgraded version free. …

Of course, despite promising myself I wouldn’t spend the $30 until it did 3G, I broke down and bought the app a few weeks ago, and have indeed been using it sometimes just between rooms in my house. But it will be much more useful this way.

Things I Have Learned Recently

How to roll over.
How to take off my own socks.
How to drink from a sippy cup I hold by myself.
How to drive Mom’s car.