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September 2012
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@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-10 (UTC)

  • MT @kdrum: Geoengineering starting to look like only hope. RT @drgrist: If this works out, game over for climate: #
  • Reading – Gamechanging Natural Gas Tech Gets Green Light (William Pentland) #
  • RT @ppppolls: Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 50-45 on our post-convention survey of Ohio #
  • RT @mattyglesias: Romney is promising consumer protections for health insurance that were enacted in 1996 and pretending it's something new. #
  • RT @TheFix: On Tuesday, we will be exactly 8 weeks from election day. Wow. #
  • RT @mckaycoppins: .@askmormongirl @cdc444 General rule: Anyone who declares a race "done" on September 9 is seriously jumping the gun. #
  • Reading – If the Mars rover finds water, it could be H2 … uh oh! (Louis Sahagun) #
  • RT @ppppolls: North Carolinians are pretty intractable- Obama leads 49-48, about identical to 48-48 last week #
  • RT @electionate: The odd thing about tonight's PPP bashing is that their polls point toward the smallest bounce of anyone #
  • Reading – The Electoral College Map (9/9/12) [Josh Putnam] #
  • EC Update for Mon Sep 10. Added polls in NC NM OH. No category changes. #
  • Reading – Did Dirty Harry kill Romney's bounce? (Seth Masket) #
  • Reading – Better Off than Four Years Ago? (Steve Clemons) #
  • Reading – Romney’s Root Problem (Josh Marshall) #
  • Reading – What Really Made Steve Jobs So Angry at Google? (Scott Cleland) #
  • RT @FHQ: RT @surveyusa: FL, MN, WA, CA, CO, OR, KY — busy week. Stay tuned. #
  • MT @FHQ: I'm more excited about that @surveyusa poll of KY than any of others on the list:1st bits of polling data there #
  • .@FHQ @surveyusa Really old, but there WAS a Romney/Obama PPP poll in KY about a year ago: Romney 48 Obama 40 (PDF) #
  • .@FHQ @surveyusa Only states where I can't find ANY Romney/Obama polls since 2008 elec are AK, DE, ID & WY. Others with very few of course. #
  • Reading – Sept. 9: Call It as You See It (Nate Silver) #
  • Reading – The Record-Setting Ex-Presidency of Jimmy Carter (John Dillon) #
  • MT @FHQ: The Romney campaign polling memo feels a lot like some of those March/April memos from Santorum regarding delegate math. 1/2 #
  • RT @FHQ: Don't know that it is nearly so bad for team Romney, but it is in the same ballpark. 2/2 #
  • Reading – Here's a drawing of a torture box the US used to interrogate Gaddafi's enemies in Libya (Xeni Jardin) #
  • Reading – NFL players back gay marriage, America (Neil Steinberg) #
  • Reading – How Predictive are the Polls (Drew, Votamatic) #
  • RT @BrendanNyhan: Not highly accurate in '08 until October RT @DrewLinzer How Predictive are the Polls? #
  • My blog appears to be down. Has been for over two hours. Hopefully it will self resolve, otherwise I will look into it after work. #
  • Blog back. Without me doing anything. Woo! #
  • And this is why I was down: Don't like GD anyway, mistake going there, but haven't had time 2 do the work 2 move off. #
  • Oh. It is down again. Poo. #
  • And back. I guess it is just going to ping pong all day. I may just stop checking. #
  • To quote myself from elsewhere: A few years ago I moved some of my stuff to GD because it was cheap. Mistake.They suck in very many ways… #
  • … I've wanted to move off again since even before the SOPA/PIPA stuff last year, but I just haven't had the free time… #
  • do the work to actually move my crap elsewhere. Bleh. Problem isn't price… #
  • …I'm actually already paying a bunch at a second place where my wiki is hosted. It is more that it is a pain in the ass to move… #
  • …I know to do it I need to clear a weekend, or at least a Saturday… I just never get that kind of free time these days. #

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