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September 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-19 (UTC)

  • Reading – Is the ‘Full’ Secret Video of Romney at Fundraiser Really Unedited? (Benny Johnson) #
  • Reading – Reality Check (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • A few minutes ago I agreed that Amy could be the first one in the family with an iPhone 5. Her iPhone 4 died a couple days ago. So jealous! #
  • Reading – Sept. 17: Electoral College May Not Help Obama (Nate Silver) #
  • Reading – 5 ways Mitt Romney can (still) turn the 2012 race around (Chris Cillizza) #
  • Reading – AT&T LTE goes live in Seattle ahead of iPhone 5 launch (Bryan Bishop) #
  • Alex fed an entire can of fish food to Hush the fish. Emergency tank cleaning now in progress. #
  • RT @GarrettQuinn: VENTURA: If I see light on the horizon with Gary Johnson you might see Jesse Ventura in 2016. #
  • Reading – Who to Support This Election? (Bruce, The Contrarian Conformist) #
  • Reading – Entitled to Food (Carl, HorsesAss) #
  • Reading – Why Barack Obama is winning (Jonathan Martin) #
  • EC Update for Wed Sep 19 Done. Polls added for VA MI MA OR PA FL CO NH IN. Category changes in MI & IN. Blog post soon. #
  • Reading – Thoughts on Twitter for iPad (Pavan Rajam) #
  • Lunch tweets! #
  • Pet peeve: HDTVs in public places showing SD content in “stretch” mode. Really? Spring for the HD package! It looks idiotic. #
  • MT @jbplainblog: RT @stevekornacki: I don’t get the point of polling swing states together. Just stick with national or individual states #
  • MT @JeffreyGoldberg: When I saw @DavidCornDC the other night, he neglected to mention that he was about to destroy the Romney campaign. #
  • Reading – Time for an Intervention (Peggy Noonan) #
  • Reading – Ars Technica: ‘Motorola Asks ITC to Ban Every Mac, iPad, and Most iPhones…’ (John Gruber) #
  • Reading – Roundup of iOS 6 Launch Day News and Reviews
    (Eric Slivka) #
  • BTW, dreading iOS 6 cause Alex’s fav thing on iPhone is YouTube app that is going away. New one is much harder to use. He has rejected it. #
  • RT @GarrettQuinn: LP strategist to me on Johnson getting 5% nationwide? “I would be happy to get 5% in a couple of states.” #
  • Reading – A Mood of Gloom Afflicts the Romney Campaign (Michael Barbaro) #
  • And now back to work… #
  • .@joshtpm @polltracker Can I tell the app I want notifications on ALL state prez polls, or do I have to favorite 50 states + DC separately? #
  • RT @joshtpm @abulsme @PollTracker u have to do it individually. we dont want people to get overwhelmed. but its easy to do #
  • .@joshtpm Added the swing states for now. I’ll add more later perhaps. Note you don’t have DC. Not many polls there anyway. :-) #

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