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September 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-22 (UTC)

  • RT @DemFromCT: RAND poll (often overlooked) #
  • Reading – In 2011, Romney made $14 million while being unemployed (Ezra Klein) #
  • Reading – Mitt Romney is paying… too much in taxes? (Brad Plumer) #
  • RT @ThoughtnDesign: @abulsme What r the chances that this is an oversight? #
  • .@ThoughtnDesign Oversight? No. The statement today said it was specifically done to stay above the 13% Romney promised a few months ago. #
  • MT @ThoughtnDesign: @abulsme In my opinion totally misses the point. Actual rate is between 9 & 11, but he plays with the #s to make it 13. #
  • MT @fivethirtyeight: There’s actually not much sign that O’s lead is declining if you look at all 4 tracking polls. Just been in Gallup. #
  • Reading – Are Judges finally Standing up to Secretive Drone Assassinations? (Jack Searle) #
  • RT @fivethirtyeight: Possible, however, that Obama lead was declining, and now 47% is causing problems for Romney. #
  • Reading – Benghazi Reelects Obama (Charles Mudede) #
  • MT @fleetadmiralj: If O wins, will be 1st time 3 straight presidents elected to two terms since Jefferson, Madison, & Monroe, 1801-1825 #
  • Reading – Has Apple Peaked? (Joe Nocera) #
  • Reading – Discovery of huge mosaic in Turkey proves Romans had long lasting influence on the region (Eddie Wrenn) #
  • Reading – Romney Shambles, Income Tax Edition (Oliver Willis) #
  • Reading – Romney May Be the End of the Line for the Republican Establishment (Scott Rasmussen) #
  • Reading – Expert: Romney may have paid less in taxes over 20 years than it appears (Greg Sargent) #
  • Reading – Obama’s Convention Bounce May Not Be Receding (Nate Silver) #
  • Reading – ‘Free Libya’ Crowds in Benghazi rally against Militias, Drive al-Qaeda out of City (Juan Cole) #
  • MT @CarrieNBCNews: MT @mmurraypolitics: By tomorrow, voters in 25 states will be casting ballots (absentee/ early in person). #
  • Reading – Mitt Romney’s Cynical Tax Ruse (Kevin Drum) #
  • Reading – White House narrative on Libya all but collapsed (Ed Morrissey) #
  • Reading – Romney’s Tax Release: No Big Surprises (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Did the iOS 6 thing overnight. Alex will be mad later when he discovers his “Trainios” are gone. No other thoughts yet. Just started. #
  • RT @ThoughtnDesign: @abulsme Let’s see if he gets away with this. #
  • .@ThoughtnDesign Suspect this will result in a bit of a brush up as people discuss it this weekend… (Cont) #
  • .@ThoughtnDesign But then I suspect it will die down with issue mostly defused. Ds will look petty if keep harping on other years, details. #
  • .@ThoughtnDesign People get that he is rich & paid low tax rate. Knew that already. Absent bombshell of something unexpected, nothing new. #
  • Reading – Mauled NY man: I wanted to be one with the tiger (Tom Hays) #
  • EC Update for Sat Sep 22 Done. Marathon update. Polls added in 15 states. 3 states change categories. Blog post soon. #

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