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September 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-26 (UTC)

  • MT @creynoldsnc: Reminder to Romney team that someone has done it worse: 1 year ago today McCain suspended campaign 2 do nothing for economy #
  • Reading – Poll Analysis: Romney drops below 200 EVs (Darryl, HorsesAss) #
  • EC Update for Wed Sep 26 done. Polls added in OH FL NV AR. OH changes category. Blog post soon. #
  • If the new NYT poll in FL this morning isn’t matched by a weaker poll for Obama, FL will go blue in my model tomorrow. #
  • That’s blue as in “big enough O lead it can’t be considered ‘close’ any more”. Florida was already clearly leaning Obama. But it was close. #
  • Reading – Romney Returns to Form … Briefly (Jonathan Cohn) #
  • Reading – Rating Romney at CGI (Heather Hurlburt) #
  • Reading – David Corn, Romney-Slayer? (Josh Marshall) #
  • RT @ThoughtnDesign: @abulsme “Bad convention, self-inflicted wound, devastating revelation…” Sounds a bit Shakespearean, don’t it? #
  • .@ThoughtnDesign Perhaps we can look forward to sword play at the debates? #
  • Reading – What Did The White House Know About Libya? (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Amazon’s New Shopping Site Is Tailor Made for Hippies (Mario Aguilar) #
  • Reading – The Emerging Republican Minority
    (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Almost Presidents: Sons of presidents who almost won the White House themselves
    (Doug Wead) #
  • Reading – Will Mitt Romney Ever Provide a Real Tax Plan? (Paul Constant) #
  • Reading – The Deafening Silence on America’s Most Important Foreign Policy Issue (James Joyner) #
  • MT @ThoughtnDesign: @abulsme Great post! What r the chances the #Romney offers the President a $10,000 bet?: #
  • .@ThoughtnDesign Don’t think he will do THAT again… But I am sure there will be at least one big “He said WHAT?” moment. #
  • Reading – The Apple iOS 6 Maps Fiasco Explained In 3 Minutes (Jordan Crook) #

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