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September 2012
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@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-30 (UTC)

  • Reading – New design factors for Robot Cars (Brad Templeton) #
  • Reading – Lessons From The Dramatic Slow-Motion Death Of Wikitravel (Jon Evans) #
  • Reading – Charlie Cook – skeptical of a House switch (Sam Wang) #
  • Reading – Did a Computer Bug Help Deep Blue Beat Kasparov? (Klint Finley) #
  • Reading – Daily Breakdown: A Light Polling Day Without Terrible News For Romney (Nate Cohn) #
  • Reading – Hotter than Paul Ryan (Elizabeth Kolbert) #
  • Readint – Mitt Romney Will Rescue America’s Yacht … From Indeterminate Peril, Apparently (Jason Linkins) #
  • Reading – EP update for September 28 – Feeling Carolina blue as GOP Senate gains fade away (Scott Elliott) #
  • Reading – The Bottom Line on Party ID (Josh Marshall) #
  • Reading – Aircraft Carriers in Space (Michael Peck) #
  • Reading – Obama set precedent with Drone Killings for Romney to become Terminator-in-Chief (Alice K. Ross) #
  • Update on fun kidney stone. Pain getting worse. Doc says may need lithotripsy this time. Sending me to urologist if don’t end up @ ER 1st. #
  • Reading – Double-tap drone attacks are truly shameful (Gwynne Dyer) #
  • Reading – The Newest Romney Model Is Coming Pre-Loaded with Zingers (Paul Constant) #
  • Reading – The FeedBurner Deathwatch Continues: Google Kills AdSense For Feeds (Frederic Lardinois) #
  • Reading – The Settling Electorate (Matthew Yglesias) #
  • Reading – My Thoughts on Mitt Romney, Person (John Scalzi) #
  • Reading – Debate! Where The Gaffes Are Made Up & The Points Don’t Matter (Oliver Willis) #
  • EC Update for Sun Sep 30 done. Polls added in 5 states. No category changes. #
  • Reading – Fusion Project Faces a Frugal Congress (William J. Broad) #
  • Reading – Poll: Inslee leads McKenna, 46% to 45% (Darryl, HorsesAss) #
  • Reading – A Conversation With Randall Munroe, the Creator of XKCD (Megan Garber) #
  • Oh yeah, forgot to tweet about five hours ago when Ivan & I finished recording CC. But we did. I will try to have it out before the debate. #
  • MT @BenjySarlin: interesting RT @fivethirtyeight: We would have had Bush @ about 80% PV fav @ this point in 2004. Gore 70% to win PV in 2000 #

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