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@abulsme Updates from 2012-10-01 (UTC)

  • RT @Atrios: i lived through the 90s . republicans were insane then. not sure why people think they're more insane now. #
  • RT @Atrios: new gingrich was the speaker of the house FFS #
  • Reading – Kindle Paperwhite review (Joshua Topolsky) #
  • Reading – 'Unskewed Polls' Critics Miss Key Lesson Of 2004 (Mark Blumenthal) #
  • Reading – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review (Brian Heater) #
  • Reading – How to Help Iran Build a Bomb (William J. Broad) #
  • Reading – The Kindle Paperwhite Is A Reader’s Dream (John Biggs) #
  • Reading – Poll Analysis: Obama gains a bit (Darryl, HorsesAss) #
  • Reading – Poll Averages Have No History of Consistent Partisan Bias (Nate Silver) #
  • Reading – Kindle Paperwhite Review: Forget Everything Else, This Is the E-Reader You Want (Kyle Wagner) #
  • Reading – If We Reduced Health Care Spending, What Would Everyone Do? (Matthew Yglesias) #
  • Reading – The Kindle Paperwhite Is A Reader’s Dream (John Biggs) #
  • Reading – UNSKEEEEEWWWWWWWEEEEEEEDDDD!!!!!!!!! Yeehaw! (Bonncaruso) #
  • Reading – Slingbox 350 and 500 show up unannounced in Best Buy, flaunt 1080p and built-in WiFi (Jon Fingas) #
  • Reading – A Man And His Hat, A Collaborative Metafictional Event (John Scalzi) #
  • Reading – Which Is Greater, The Number Of Sand Grains On Earth Or Stars In The Sky? (Robert Krulwich) #
  • Reading – Defining moment eludes Mitt Romney (Ginger Gibson) #
  • Reading – HP's ElitePad Is the Awesome-Looking Tablet HP Should Sell to the Masses (But Won't) [Adrian Covert] #
  • Reading – uPoll Analysis: Romney gains a bit (Darryl, HorsesAss) #
  • EC Update for Mon Oct 1 done. Polls added in OH NC. No category changes. #
  • Reading – Wile E. Netanyahu, Ctd (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Pipe Dreamer (Molly Ball) #
  • Reading – Even before debates, electoral map appears largely written in stone (David Rothschild) #