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Another Chaser!

A boy and his dog, taken Sep 2nd 2012.

Holy $&#@! – It had a big brother

I guess I wasn’t actually done after my previous post. I hope with all my heart I am now done.

Ouch. Ouch Ouch.

Uh, and yeah, I’ll find another chaser photo. Cause, yeah, ew. That is pretty gross. And yeah, it was still “fresh”. Sorry bout that!



Something cute for those who need to cleanse their brains of the picture in my last post. :-)

At last, I meet my stone

This thing had been causing me lots of pain and discomfort for almost exactly a month now.

It is out now. Hopefully this means I’m finally done with this kidney stone episode.

This one looks meaner and sharper and the episode lasted longer, but I think this one from 2004 was bigger. I stupidly did not photograph that one next to a ruler though, so it is hard to tell.

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