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@abulsme Updates from 2012-10-08 (UTC)

  • Reading – Behind The Obama Implosion (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Watching replay of 1984 pres debate. Struck by Reagan & Mondale smiling & friendly to each other after it ended. Didn’t see that with O&R. #
  • Reading – Apple’s Official iPhone 5 Camera Fix: Take a Different Picture (Brian Barrett) #
  • Reading – Why We’ll Never Stop Talking About Steve Jobs (Mat Honan) #
  • Reading – 2012 DCW Senate Forecast (Matt, DCW) #
  • Reading – Politics by the Numbers: September Polls and November Outcomes (Tom Holbrook ) #
  • Reading – Amazon Shells Out $1B To Own The Keys To Its Seattle Corporate HQ (Natasha Lomas) #
  • Reading – Is There an Updated, Faster Version of the iPad 3 Coming? (Casey Chan) #
  • RT @joshtpm: I think thurs/fri were extremely good nights for DIY Big Bird art, while weekend has shown numbers trending back down. #
  • EC Update for Mon Oct 8 done. Polls added in one state. No category change. #
  • Reading – Top Ten Things Mitt Romney’s Insults to Spain tell us About Him (Juan Cole) #
  • MT @Pres_Bartlet: Best argument against shifting PBS to relying on private financing is the programming on TLC. Was “The Learning Channel”. #
  • MT @Pres_Bartlet: TLC was founded in 1972 by NASA and the Health Department as an edu channel. Was privatized. Now it shows Honey Boo Boo. #
  • Reading – Buying Manhattan (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • RT @ThoughtnDesign: @abulsme I dunno, Desperate Muppets of S. Street, kinda has a ring to it. #
  • Reading – The More I Look at It, the More I Want a Color iPad Mini (Jesus Diaz) #
  • MT @ThoughtnDesign: @abulsme The Count has OCD and for years everyone thought “Snuffy” was Big Bird’s heroin based hallucination. #JustSayin #