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@abulsme tweets from 2012-10-24 (UTC)

  • Lots of traffic. Didn’t make it home in time. I have c-span radio on in the car though. 01:04:47
  • For the record, at this second I am parked to pick up Alex at his school. I am not tweeting while driving down the highway. 01:05:34
  • First comment: Nooooooo! NOT LARRY KING!!!! Noooooooo! 01:06:11
  • Home now. Switching to TV. First question about top 2 primaries. They don’t like it. Surprise! Some say leave to states. Like that better. 01:25:45
  • Larry King forgot about opening statements. They are going back to do that now. Too funny. 01:27:39
  • For some reason my twitter feed is not spinning out of control with debate comments on the 3rd party debate like it was on the others. :-/ 01:29:19
  • Johnson giving opening statement. So far hasn’t said a single thing I disagree with. 01:31:47
  • OK, now he has. Balanced budget in 2013 would be irresponsible I think. 01:32:04
  • Larry King sucked before he retired. He still sucks. 01:33:07
  • I really knew nothing about any of these guys except Johnson before tonight. Trying to learn about them. 01:33:35
  • RT @indecision: Whoever answers this war on drugs question by firing up a massive blunt wins. #thirdpartydebate 01:34:04
  • I’d never heard of Anderson at all. Kinda like him. 01:34:36
  • RT @kgosztola: “We don’t just need to legalize marijuana. We need to end drug prohibition.” Treat as public health issue @RockyAnderson01:34:57
  • RT @dccommonsense: I like all these people. I guess I am “easy” when it comes to these 3d Party/Indie types…
    #debates 01:35:43
  • Johnson looks mad. Why is he so mad? 01:37:10
  • I like Stein too. Didn’t expect to. 01:40:10
  • Not particularly liking Goode though. 01:40:28
  • RT @daveweigel: I was going to watch the third party debate, but then I realize that I’ll be dead one day and don’t want to waste my life. 01:40:36
  • Larry King is such an ass. 01:42:14
  • I generally agree with these guys on the drug war stuff, but it makes them seem like whack jobs when they yell about it. 01:43:42
  • Brandy is complaining about Goode’s accent. 01:44:00
  • RT @indecision: Now imagining Gary Johnson sitting at home, smoking a joint and listening to “How Will I Know” #thirdpartydebate 01:44:45
  • RT @indecision: Foreign policy suggestion: send Virgil Goode overseas, have him negotiate with al Qaeda until they plead for mercy. #thi01:45:28
  • Johnson on balanced budget in one year thing again. Too fast. Would tank economy. 01:46:04
  • OK with some of the reductions, just change that is too sudden would cause damage. 01:46:59
  • Alex wants me to pause the debate so I can play trains. “PAUSE THAT DADDY! PAUSE NOW!” 01:49:55
  • “MAKE IT STOP!” – Alex on 3rd party debate 01:50:31
  • RT @declanm: I’m enjoying the third party presidential debate much more than I thought I would. Tune in: #thirdpart01:51:18
  • .@declanm 3rd party debate also on C-Span in reply to declanm 01:51:35
  • RT @kgosztola: .@VirgilGoode just took now radical position of saying country won’t go to war without congressional declaration of war # … 01:52:02
  • Larry King would like the question to be rebuttal. 01:53:03
  • Not sure I agree with Johnson on government role in student loans. Perhaps has a point on long term price adjustments, but in mean time… 01:55:28
  • RT @dccommonsense: College loan question will divide the 2 progressive debaters from the 2 conservative ones
  • So far my take away from 3P debate: Johnson good, but I disagree more than I thought. Meanwhile, need 2 learn more about Stein & Anderson. 02:00:01
  • I generally lean against govt involvement where it doesn’t need to be. But I think education & healthcare may be two places it is needed. 02:02:33
  • All of these guys are going to be against NDAA / Indefinite detention, etc. Good. Biggest argument against Obama for me. 02:05:19
  • Alex just hit me in the head with a basketball several times. Headache now. 02:05:54
  • RT @kgosztola: “There’s been no more anti-American act than the #NDAA…We are on the road to totalitarianism.” @RockyAnderson #thirdpar02:07:07
  • RT @michaelbd: Third party debate is amazing. In part because these people champion ideas rather than using ideas as a lasso for collect … 02:07:58
  • Blatant call out for Ron Paul supporters from Johnson. 02:09:07
  • RT @declanm: Four out of four #thirdpartydebate candidates would — unlike Obama and Romney — end #NDAA indefinite detention of America … 02:09:15
  • RT @joshtpm: Ummm, perfect markets? Intrade says Dems have 53% chance of winning Ohio, Republicans 52% chance of winning Ohio. 02:09:28
  • .@joshtpm Arbitrage opportunity? in reply to joshtpm 02:09:51
  • Anderson wants “New Equal RIghts Amendment” including LGBT as well as gender. 02:11:59
  • Goode wants amendment for term limits. 02:12:12
  • Johnson also wants term limits. 02:13:12
  • RT @lapetiteradical: The position “the president shouldn’t be able to indefinitely detain and assassinate U.S. citizens” is relegated to … 02:14:32
  • Stein wants an amendment to declare money not speech and corporations not people. 02:15:31
  • Closing statements! 02:17:08
  • RT @daveweigel: If you’re not an idiot, you notice that term limits in the states have greatly enhanced the power of unions, lobbyists. 02:17:38
  • Goode is very anti-immigrant, ain’t he? 02:18:18
  • Johnson emphasizing resume. I think I like several of these guys, but Johnson only one with basic prerequisites to be President. 02:19:46
  • Meaning Governor, Senator or VP. Long time since someone not one of those became president. 02:21:11
  • RT @kgosztola: “Wasting your vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in.” -@GovGaryJohnson #thirdpartydebate 02:21:17
  • RT @kgosztola: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” -Alice Walker [@JillStein2012 quotes … 02:22:20
  • RT @kgosztola: “Imagine if there had been a candidate included in the Obama-Romney debates to challenge our plutocracy.” @RockyAnderson02:23:46
  • RT @dccommonsense: Stein and Johnson have a strident tone that sounds a bit desperate (not that it’s not warranted).Anderson has a good … 02:24:08
  • This was actually a fun debate to watch. Too bad they don’t get to debate Obama and Romney directly. 02:25:27
  • Some idiot puts a Johnson sign behind Larry King. 02:25:53
  • There will be a second third party debate? OK, I liked this, but not sure we need two. 02:29:48
  • Ah, it will only be the top two after an Internet poll. :-/ 02:30:33
  • And we’re done. 02:30:51
  • RT @kgosztola: At no point during this event was I disgusted or offended entirely. What a great democratic experience #thirdpartydebate 02:31:49
  • RT @indecision: Nobody name-checked Sesame Street characters, office supplies or archaic weapons. They all lose. #thirdpartydebate 02:31:55
  • RT @declanm: Good news! There will be another third party presidential debate next week in D.C. Top two candidates from this evening htt … 02:32:28
  • Last thing on 3PM debate. When I’ve watched these things before, I came away thinking they were all nuts. This time 4 people worth hearing. 02:59:18
  • RT @rebliv: @abulsme Payback for you dropping books on your mom’s head. But wait, there’s more. 03:26:00
  • RT @gerrycanavan: It’s REALLY WEIRD how the right insists they’re winning in contravention of all evidence. What’s going to happen in tw … 04:07:29
  • RT @BYUfan: @abulsme like ripping off a band aid. 04:19:50
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  • RT @fivethirtyeight: Intrade is overrated but useful. Same goes for 538. Both add value vs. most horse race coverage, but that’s a low b … 05:44:08
  • RT @gerrycanavan: “Okay, guys, new rule is we’re just not going to mention rape at all ever again.” -Karl Rove 14:14:47
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  • EC Update for Wed Oct 24 done. Polls added in 10 states. NV & VA change categories. Blog post soon. 15:55:43
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