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@abulsme tweets from 2013-08-30 (UTC)

  • RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: Types of non-intervention:
    (1) There's no need
    (2) There's a need but we'll make things worse
    (3) There's a need but l… 00:24:19
  • RT @mattyglesias: This British thing where the parliament needs to vote before you bomb a country is fascinating. We should try it. 00:25:09
  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/29/2013: 5,225 steps and 3.9 km traveled. 01:02:01
  • Reading – Two Minds on Syria (George Packer) 01:24:40
  • Reading – The Threat Of Debt Ceiling Crises Is Over (Josh Barro) 01:42:38
  • RT @mattfrost: Without copyright restrictions on the "I Have a Dream" speech, there'd be no incentive for other orators to lead huge, inspi… 03:27:42
  • Reading – Pot and the complexity of giving the president a hard time (Jonathan Bernstein) 16:28:24
  • Listening to Kerry. Still not hearing anything that convinces me. Not hearing anything at all that convinces strikes will help anything. 17:17:12
  • Also continue to be bothered with idea that killing people with chem weapons worse than killing people with other weapons. Dead is dead. 17:19:13
  • & the idea that we should do something to preserve credibility… Yes creed matters. Fix that by not making stupid commitments in first place. 17:21:45
  • "We bomb because we care." – Obama (sorta) 18:48:58
  • RT @hhassan140: Obama is basically saying the US action will be a slap on the wrist. Translation: a big boost to Assad when he survives it. 18:59:42
  • Reading – NSA Spying Abroad isn't OK Either (Charles Kurzman) 20:43:40
  • Reading – Secret NSA Documents Show How the US Spies on Europe and the UN (Laura Poitras) 23:00:44
  • Reading – U.S. allows states to legalize recreational marijuana within limits (David Ingram) 23:09:27
  • Reading – Ginsburg to officiate same-sex wedding (Robert Barnes) 23:13:26
  • RT @BYUfan: @abulsme Alex sounds so cute. Looking forward to him guest hosting…the train episode. 23:32:58
  • .@BYUfan Thanks! I'm sure he will be ready to co-host any week now! :-) in reply to BYUfan 23:33:19

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