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No More Reposts to Google+ for Me

The handful of you who follow me on Google+ may have noticed that for a little over a month, I haven’t been reposting my stuff over there. This is because the method I used to use to do so stopped working, and it was already extra clicks for me, so I didn’t really spend time looking for other, probably more time consuming, ways to do the sharing. I hoped it would start working again, but it has been long enough, it is time to say that I am no longer routinely sharing things I post on to Google+.

Sorry Google+ people.

If you want to continue keeping track of what I post, you can of course follow me directly on, via’s RSS on the RSS reader of your choice (I use Feedly), via Twitter, or via Facebook for all posts other than the daily Tweet summaries.

(I will manually share this one post to Google+ just to wrap things up. Bye Google+!)

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