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Orion Descending


More playing with the camera. That is Orion setting over our house.

Stars are nice. Click the image for an enbiggened version.

Also, while nowhere near as pretty as the others, I was impressed I could even get the shot below at all:


That’s Jupiter. And her moons Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.

I know, I know, just blobs of light. But still…

This is a fun camera. :-)

[Edit 8:59 UTC to put the list of Jupiter’s moons in the actual order they appear in the picture from left to right.]

3 comments to Orion Descending

  • Ruth M Brandon

    Outstanding photos! I had trouble even getting a non-blurry moon without a tripod! and your magnification to get Jupiter would make this even harder.

  • I borrowed Amy’s tripod for both of the pictures in this post. Didn’t try to do them handheld, although the anti-jitter technology in modern cameras makes it possible to take a lot more handheld than you could before. I didn’t try these without a tripod though.

    I’ve been reading a bit though, and it should be possible to get even better pictures of Jupiter with this camera, enough so that you can actually see surface details. Basically, much faster shutter speed, then do what they call “image stacking”. (That is, take a bunch of pictures, then combine them with post processing to bring out detail not visible in any of the pictures individually.)

    Sounds like fun, and I have decided I am going to have to try it… someday.

    I may also see what I can do taking pictures with the camera held up to the view finder of Brandy’s telescope. :-)

    And maybe, just maybe, some daytime pictures too someday. :-)

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