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@abulsme tweets from 2014-01-23 (UTC)

  • Reading – Doing the math on Dems and the Iran sanctions bill (Ron Kampeas) 00:23:07
  • Reading – Independent review board says NSA phone data program is illegal and should end (Ellen Nakashima) 06:07:47
  • Reading – Mother of boy killed in upstate N.Y. fire: “I’m really proud” (Tyler Doohan) 06:13:19
  • Reading – TiVo refutes rumors, says hardware is a 'core business' (Nilay Patel) 06:23:36
  • Reading – Netflix’s secret weapon in the net neutrality fight (Brian Fung) 16:30:50
  • Reading – Concerns And The Great Moderation (Atrios, Eschaton) 16:43:06
  • Reading – Let's Get This Over With: Exhausting the Planet Hillary Meme (Reid/Bump) 16:57:14
  • RT @TaylorLorenz: Edward Snowden is doing a live Q&A today at 3pm #AskSnowden via @tminsberg 17:45:22
  • RT @mlcalderone: Slate's @mattyglesias joining new @ezraklein venture, per memo. 19:36:16
  • Reading – Mike Huckabee Says Women Use Birth Control Because They “Cannot Control Their Libido” (Charles Johnson) 20:13:28
  • Reading – Bots Now Reportedly Account For 61.5% Of Website Visitors (Frederic Lardinois) 20:16:24
  • Reading – Information Is Cheap (Atrios) 20:17:57
  • Just completed a 2.07 km walk – Partial afternoon walk. Phone died before done. #RunKeeper 20:46:19
  • RT @GrahamDavidA: Ezra Klein Launches Eight Figure Venture to Consolidate My RSS Feeds 20:49:48
  • A couple hours ago while trying to revert Wikipedia vandalism, I actually put some BACK. I was spanked immediately by another editor. Oops. 22:12:06
  • I felt really embarrassed. I am not a frequent editor but I made my first Wikipedia edit in 2006 and change things whenever I notice issues. 22:14:21
  • Not only did I screw up, but someone noticed and chided me for it before I saw it and fixed it myself. Felt bad. Oh well, all fixed now. 22:15:43
  • Of course it was accidental. The vandal had undone some (but not all) of their own vandalism. I was undoing their changes one by one. 22:17:39
  • So I undid one of their changes where they had removed some of their own vandalism, resulting in putting that vandalism back. Oops. 22:18:10
  • If I had finished undoing all the ones I intended to undo, all would have been good, cause I would have undone everything the vandal did. 22:18:34
  • But half way through, I got a “what are you doing!” note because one of my “undo”’s had actually put BACK some four letter words. Oops. 22:19:23
  • But yeah, all good now. Well, that vandalism is gone. The page itself apparently still sucks: Frederick the Great 22:20:43

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