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Jupiter Again


Probably about as good a Jupiter as I will be able to get with just the camera.* But hey, you can see the stripes!!!

Produced by taking 30 individual pictures (1/125, f/6.5, ISO 80) and then aligning and “stacking” them to get more detail than any of the individual photos showed. (I used Lynkeos.) Then I adjusted the color a bit.

The 30 pictures were taken from 06:46:00 UTC to 06:46:27 UTC tonight

This is fun. I of course will have to try Saturn sometime soon…. once it is relatively high in the sky at an hour I tend to be awake, which looks like it won’t be until March or April.

Also on the list to try… seeing if I can use Brandy’s telescope in conjunction with the camera to do anything interesting. Not sure it will work with this particular camera and that particular telescope, but worth a shot…

Oh, and maybe some pictures of things that aren’t in the sky. :-)

* Some internet searches of course reveal that people have done significantly better than the above using the same camera, but hey, it was my first night trying this technique!

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