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Publishing Blog Posts to Google+ Again

For a while whenever I did a blog post, I was making sure I also posted a notice of the post on Google+. Unlike the methods I had for posting such notices to Twitter and Facebook, for Google+ I had to do this by hand. Eventually I tired of the manual effort this entailed and stopped.

Recently I did some updates to my website, and while I was at it noticed a new way to automatically do the notifications to Google+ again, so I turned that on.

There is one difference from the posts to Facebook and Twitter though. Those exclude the daily summaries of my Twitter posts. If you follow me on Twitter, well, you see my tweets already. And I figured that even the Facebook folks if they really wanted to see that, they could go to Twitter. The method I’m using for posting on Google+ doesn’t exclude anything, so the daily Tweet summaries get posted too. And they generally happen more often than “real” posts by me.

Apologies for anybody “circling” me on Google+ who does not appreciate that. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on that. If enough people don’t like it, I may simply turn the Google+ posts back off. Having said that, I’ve had a few responses to posts via Google+ already, including one of the Tweet summaries, so at least some folks seem to appreciate it.

Anyway, if these posts on Google+ bother you, or if you appreciate them, let me know!

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