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Pics from Jul 2014

1285 pictures from July. First pass narrowed it to 76. Then culled down to 31 for this post…


2014-07-05 04:50 UTC – Grandma Ruth and Alex waiting for fireworks.


2014-07-05 05:04 UTC – And then the fireworks began!


2014-07-05 05:13 UTC – I took lots of pictures of fireworks, but two will suffice here.


2014-07-05 05:26 UTC – After the fireworks the people across the pond start leaving under the light of a cloudy moon.


2014-07-07 18:27 UTC – One of the neighbors dogs, who always barks back and forth with Roscoe through our back fence, got loose. We saw it walking by and called it. It came running, straight to our door, to bark at Roscoe through the door. Roscoe excitedly barked back. The neighbor dog wanted to come over for a visit! We did not let it in. We took it back to its own house instead. They were both disappointed.


2014-07-11 22:47 UTC – Alex’s first eye exam. Doesn’t need glasses yet… but maybe next year!


2014-07-12 16:36 UTC – See the story above. Alex did not forget. Later when we were out at a local mall, he fished the quarter out of his pocket, and headed over to a little train ride that goes back and forth for a minute when you put in a quarter. But it was out of order, so he asked me to keep the quarter for him. But he very much remembered the quarter he had earned, he knew where he had kept it safe, and he knew what he wanted to use it for.


2014-07-16 04:53 UTC – Beating the heat with a fan


2014-07-19 18:33 UTC – Roscoe was very excited that Uncle David was visiting, but jumping on him to get attention was not encouraged, and he wasn’t getting attention just standing there, so Roscoe got up on the couch where Uncle David could reach better to get a good welcome.


2014-07-19 19:51 UTC – Aunt Ann and Uncle David talk to my mom over lunch.


2014-07-19 19:52 UTC – My mom explains something to Seth and Jinn


2014-07-10 21:17 UTC – Aunt Ann and Uncle David in the after lunch picture taking session


2014-07-20 00:20 UTC – Sometimes snuggles involve licks. A few seconds later Alex licked him back.


2014-07-21 20:32 UTC – Then Papa Bill and Grandma Cathy visited. We took a ride on the light rail to the airport!


2014-07-22 21:01 UTC – Since there was going to be a big Minter family get together, this meant it was time to pass on a family tradition. This is Lucy Lumphead, as she was when we received her shortly after Alex was born. (Click the pic to make it big enough to read the note.)


2014-07-22 21:06 UTC – And here is Lucy Lumphead as we passed her along to Cousin Maya’s family. Brandy made the new costume. I wrote the new note. This doll has been being passed around in the family every few years for the last 74 years. (Click the pic to make it big enough to read the note.)


2014-07-22 23:08 UTC – My dad and his sisters Diane and Susan, all together at the same time for the first time in years.


2014-07-22 23:16 UTC – Cathy at a quiet moment during the get together.


2014-07-22 23:41 UTC – Alex plays tetherball while Cousin Ella runs by.


2014-07-22 23:48 UTC – Cousin Luca holds Kai, the youngest member of the clan.


2014-07-23 01:35 UTC – Cathy with Kai


2014-07-23 01:37 UTC – Amy drew an octopus.


2014-07-23 01:38 UTC – Kai plays the piano too.


2014-07-23 01:45 UTC – Amy, look how high I can jump!


2014-07-23 02:18 UTC – At one point, Alex asked me if we could take a walk. Then he whispered and asked me if I could please ask his cousins Mia and Ella if they would come with us. Ella thought this was a great idea, and asked permission to take us to the playground at their school. So Mia and Ella took us to the playground. Seconds later Alex and Ella were doing this.


2014-07-23 02:24 UTC – Mia and Ella are Alex’s favorite cousins. Especially Ella. We visit rarely, but Alex really enjoys spending time with them when he can.


2014-07-23 02:39 UTC – Ella throws sand while the others watch. Of course within moments, they were all throwing sand.


2014-07-23 02:52 UTC – The girls were amused because when it was time to walk home, Alex gathered a load of sand to carry home in his shirt. Halfway back, he dumped the sand and with their help transferred it all to his shoes, where it was easier to carry home.


2014-07-23 18:35 UTC – Roscoe angles for some attention from Cathy


2014-07-23 18:36 UTC – Posing for a quick photo before Papa Bill and Grandma Cathy go home.


2014-07-23 18:37 UTC – One more with just the three generations of Minter men.

Pics from Jun 2014

30 pictures selected out of 481 for the month.  It was a slow month, with no big “events”, but the final narrowing was still hard!


2014-06-01 02:31 – Mom singing with her church choir.


2014-06-02 15:51 – Mornings are hard.  Someone really doesn’t want to wake up for school, and often doesn’t until we are already there.


2014-06-03 02:44 (previously posted)- If June had a theme, it was probably home improvement. It started small, with me changing the battery in a smoke detector after it had been beeping for YEARS.


2014-06-06 02:22 – At the end of year ceremony at Alex’s school, Alex was not thrilled about standing up front to sing.


2014-06-06 02:28 – But he would pose for a picture with his teacher.


2014-06-06 02:28 – Picture taking patience was exhausted when it was time for the picture with the assistant teacher though, so time for a duck face!


2014-06-06 04:28 – This thing is a microphone, right?  The school presentation is over, NOW I can sing!


2014-06-07 18:09 – A typical pose with Roscoe and Alex together while Alex builds worlds and trains on the iPad.


2014-06-07 19:15 – Joining the new fridge from January, the new oven/microwave combo is finally complete.  Brandy has been very excited because it is an INDUCTION stovetop, and the Microwave also has a convection oven mode.  And they are shiny.


2014-06-08 20:29 – Sometimes, when the weather is agreeable, Alex rides his wagon to and from school instead of taking the car.


2014-06-09 01:56 – Alex “reading” a Magic School Bus book in the car.


2014-06-10 00:41 – The weather has finally warmed up enough to play in the sprinkler!  When properly bundled up of course.


2014-06-10 05:07 – Playing with Daddy’s glasses


2014-06-12 20:27 – I moved to a new desk at work.  It has a view.


2014-06-13 02:54 – Next home improvement thing.  Brandy put up a ceiling pot holder thingy.  These were just the starter pots.  It is much more heavily loaded now.


2014-06-14 01:18 – Alex and I sat outside and watched while my car windshield was replaced after a flying rock cracked it.  (I’ve been meaning to post a timelapse of the repair, but haven’t gotten around to it.)  The beginning was exciting, but toward the end Alex was getting bored and sleepy.


2014-06-16 05:48 – OK, you can’t tell from the picture, but this is me working on the next home improvement project.  The projector we used as our primary TV died, and this is me up on a chair getting the new replacement projector all set up.


2014-06-19 21:50 – Amy and Alex hanging out on a sunny day


2014-06-19 21:5? (Photo by Amy) – Amy takes advantage of the moment to grab a quick Alex portrait.


2014-06-23 01:11 – How do we play with the dog Alex?  Well, obviously, put a broom on him, then LIMBO!


2014-06-23 03:18 – Alex asked for a rainbow cake, so Brandy made one.


2014-06-23 05:17 (Photo by Alex) – Sometimes Alex takes my phone to take his own pictures.  He took this portrait of Roscoe.  I chose not to include the pictures he took of the floor, the ceiling, or his foot.


2014-06-25 22:38 – Another home improvement pic. No, not the coffeemakers.  No, not the lazy susan under them, although that is new too.  I neglected to get a really good picture of it, but the tiled backsplash on the wall is all new.  Brandy put it in by hand over the course of a few days, replacing the plain wall that was there before.


2014-06-27 15:56 (Photo by Amy) – Selfie by Amy

Scan 11

2014-06-28 06:40 – Alex can draw people now!

Scan 14

2014-06-28 06:47 – And not just ANY people.  Alex is very clear…  this…  is…  BATMAN.

Scan 16

2014-06-28 06:51 – He is getting pretty darn good at writing his name too!


2014-06-29 02:49 – Making new train levels again, this time on my iMac.  He starts from scratch and builds the track, adds trains, and then builds the landscape with mountains and lakes and buildings and all.  His software of choice is all from the Trainz family.


2014-06-29 23:31 – For the first time in forever, Roscoe gets a BATH.  (Alex insists it was a SHOWER though, since we used the hose and didn’t actually put him in the tub.)


2014-06-30 07:32 – Of course, at the end of each day, it is always nice to cuddle and fall asleep.

Pics from May 2014


2014-05-01 01:50 – Climbing a whale at Seattle Center


2014-05-01 02:02 – Surveying the world from the top


2014-05-02 00:40 – What Alex does at a playground… clearly my kid.


2014-05-02 01:22 – Of course that changes once we hit the sand


2014-05-02 23:55 – Spring is time for dandelions.


2014-05-03 03:54 – There was a birthday party at a skating rink.  That didn’t go so smoothly.  We will have to try again someday.


2014-05-03 20:41 – But a portal shirt makes Alex happy again


2014-05-03 21:21 – Well, at least until haircut time


2014-05-04 22:20 – New day, and it is time for a trip to the zoo, where Grandma Ruth explains warthogs!


2014-05-04 22:34 – Why is mom holding me?


2014-05-04 22:44 – The siamang always seems a little sad


2014-05-04 22:50 – Brandy spends a lot of time with the siamangs, they have been her favorites for years


2014-05-04 23:00 – Walking in the rain


2014-05-04 23:28 – The carousel was a little scary at first


2014-05-05 00:25 – But it was much better the second time around


2014-05-05 00:37 – Then we looked at the penguins, or did they look at us?


2014-05-05 00:53 – Grandma Ruth watches too


2014-05-05 00:57 – While this guy contemplates the sky


2014-05-05 01:43 – After the zoo it was time for dinner, and Alex wanted to know why I was still taking pictures


2014-05-05 01:50 – Working on Trainz Simulator on his iPad, as he often does during dinner


2014-05-05 03:38 – Then out like a light as soon as we were in the car


2015-05-13 20:06 – Back at home, Alex torments the dog as usual


2014-05-22 05:28 – It is me Roscoe decides to cuddle with though


2014-05-25 02:08 – Another day finds Alex whispering secrets into Amy’s ear


2014-05-27 00:02 – Alex made a point of dragging me outside to the back yard to take a picture of this nest of baby spiders


2014-05-27 00:10 – Roscoe lounges as Alex plays in a large box he had carefully braced with toys so it wouldn’t fall over


2014-05-27 00:10 – Seconds later, it does of course fall over, right next to Roscoe. Roscoe doesn’t even blink, let alone move.


2014-05-27 00:13 – Roscoe is used to these shenanigans, and is not going to worry about it.  Not at all.


2014-05-27 00:17 – Goofing for the camera


2014-05-27 03:07 – Roscoe really is incredibly patient with Alex.  So here he wears shades, because Alex wanted him to.


2014-05-30 04:01 – Even on Mom’s shoulders, it is still iPad time.

Of course, as soon as Alex left for school…

…the true owner of the bed took over.


I was working from home today and went looking for Roscoe when I realized that even though he usually stays with me when I stay home, I hadn’t seen him in a couple hours.  Found him fast asleep in Alex’s bed.  He woke up and started looking guilty when I got close in order to take the picture.

Pics from Apr 2014

April was difficult.  Started out with 979 pictures for the month.  Narrowed down to 77 in the first pass through looking for pictures worth posting. Then had to narrow it down to 30 (one per day) for this post.  The last cull was tough!  Anyway, here goes…

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 19.50.17407

2014-04-02 02:01 – Alex riding his bike, for real!


2014-04-06 21:58 – Goggle selfie


2014-04-12 07:39 – Roscoe cuddles up to sleep


2014-04-19 21:57 – Amy (and Alex) at the Space Needle


2014-04-19 21:58 – Alex conspiring with Cousin Lev


2014-04-19 22:58 – Still conspiring, now under Alex’s new umbrella, under watchful adult eyes


2014-04-19 23:51 – Walking with Grandma Ruth


2014-04-20 00:02 – The Seattle Great Wheel


2014-04-20 00:12 – Cousin Seth was there too


2014-04-20 00:?? (picture by my mom) – Sitting with Daddy in the wheel


2014-04-20 00:26 – But I was less interesting than Cousin Lev


2014-04-20 00:?? (picture by my mom) – Lev had a good view out the window


2014-04-20 00:37 – Back on the ground, Lev and Alex continued to stick together as much as they could.


2014-04-20 03:26 – Having said goodbye to the cousins, walking back toward the car past EPM/SFM


2014-04-20 03:31 – Alex runs within the “Glass Blades” sculpture.


2014-04-20 21:56 – And then there was an Easter egg hunt at my mother’s college roommate’s house!

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 18.13.14896

2014-04-20 22:02 (screenshot from a video) – Alex even had Amy climb a tree to get an egg!


2014-04-20 22:04 (posted previously) – It was great fun.  There was running.


2014-04-20 22:10 – And climbing.


2014-04-20 22:40 – And of course the counting of the loot.


2014-04-22 22:34 – Another day, and it is a trip to a park.


2014-04-22 22:27 (Animated GIF assembled by Google+ Autoawesome) – A park with trains!!


2014-04-22 22:34 – A park with a beach and logs to sit on with Grandma Ruth!


2014-04-22 22:36 – Alex looks over the beach


2014-04-22 22:42 – It was a pretty beach


2014-04-22 22:43 – Alex got brave and dipped his feet in the water


2014-04-22 22:46 – Grandma Ruth and Alex examined things other people had drawn on the sand


2014-04-22 22:48 – But then there was another train!


2014-04-22 22:55 – A panorama of Alex and Grandma Ruth on the beach. (Click it to enbiggen.)


2014-04-27 23:47 – And to finish off the month, Alex running with Roscoe :-)

Edited 23:00 to fix typo.

Pics from Mar 2014


2014-03-02 15:45 – Alex still loves his trains.


2014-03-02 20:48 – Now he draws them too.


2013-03-06 02:11 – Alex and Grandma Ruth’s dog Sara are friends now.


2013-03-08 04:17 – Hanging out ON Daddy


2014-03-11 15:22 – Roscoe was nervous because he had to go to the vet for some surgery.


2014-03-12 00:44 – But while Roscoe was at the vet, Alex’s finger got hurt and we had to go to the ER. I posted the whole story.


2014-03-12 01:16 (Picture by Amy) – Since we were at the ER, Amy picked Roscoe up from the vet.


2014-03-12 02:09 – Some sedatives and a couple stitches later, Alex was on the way to healing.


2014-03-12 05:10 – Roscoe was recovering well from his surgery too, although he was not thrilled with the cone.


2014-03-15 23:14 – Just a few days later it was time for an expedition with Grandma Ruth to find snow in the mountains


2014-03-15 23:24 – We ended up at Stevens Pass ski area, but our agenda was not skiing.


2014-03-15 23:24 – Alex led the way, looking for just the right spot.


2014-03-15 23:39 – Trudging through the snow, but this isn’t it.


2014-03-15 23:39 – Right near here though.  We can set up near here for the main event.


2014-03-15 23:41 – Snow Thomas, Annie and Clarabel all set up to chug through the snow.


2014-03-15 23:41 – Alex observes to make sure Grandma Ruth gets her turn…  and that she plays the CORRECT way.


2014-03-15 23:50 – With the day’s goal accomplished, it is time to go.  What is everybody else waiting for?


2014-03-16 00:02 – Grandma triumphant!


2014-03-16 01:08 – Down the other side of the mountain now, let me in to the McDonalds!  I want my Happy Meal!


2014-03-16 01:17 – OK, got my Happy Meal, lets go home!


2014-03-16 01:38 – A quick look at the mountains before heading back over them to home.


2014-03-16 20:47 – Back at home, Roscoe has claimed the duck for a nap.


2014-03-19 13:32 – Alex likes to cuddle with Mommy


2014-03-23 07:55 – Roscoe and Alex sometimes sleep on the couch too.


2014-03-24 16:06 – Sometimes he seems angelic, but he really isn’t.


2014-03-24 21:30 – A trip back to a favorite playground we hadn’t been to since the fall


2014-03-24 21:45 – Climbing very high


2014-03-27 07:57 (Picture taken by Amy) – Sometimes it is Daddy and Alex that fall asleep on the couch.


2014-03-27 07:58 (Picture by Amy) – That is when Amy likes to take selfies (with Dad’s phone) to capture the moment.


2014-03-28 00:32 – Playing quietly at home… by dumping toys all over the floor.


2014-03-30 04:50 – Koala sleeping on Alex, sleeping on Amy

Pics from Feb 2014


2014-02-01 20:58 – Daddy and Alex at a birthday party at Everett Children’s Museum

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 07.16.45808

2014-02-01 21:13 UTC – Alex perched on Daddy’s head (screen cap from a video)


2014-02-03 02:23 UTC – Alex with Grandma Ruth watching some TV


2014-02-04 03:28 UTC – Waxing Crescent Moon


2014-02-04 03:35 UTC – Two moons


2014-02-06 03:02 UTC – Grandma Ruth gives a quick pose for the camera


2014-02-08 06:33 UTC – Alex and Amy at a late dinner


2014-02-08 18:06 UTC – Alex shows off making a snowman treat he learned how to do in cooking class


2014-02-09 04:05 UTC – Sweeping the snow away in the back yard


2014-02-09 04:14 UTC – Walking Roscoe and still sweeping snow


2014-02-09 17:30 – Ready to attack the morning snow


2014-02-09 18:00 – A winter weathervane


2014-02-09 18:02 UTC – Making his own snowball


2014-02-09 18:40 UTC – Observing the people in the snow


2014-02-09 22:22 UTC – Proud of the big snowball we made in the back yard which we watched melt for the next few days


2014-02-13 23:27 UTC – Pic by Brandy – Dentist time for Alex!


2014-02-14 01:51 UTC – Pic by Brandy – Shopping for screws and nut and bolts


2014-02-17 22:00 – Pic by Brandy – Nap time


2014-02-20 05:14 UTC – Pic by Brandy – Snack time


2014-02-21 01:21 UTC – The new projector screen arrives. Note the fallen boxes in the truck.


2014-02-22 01:12 UTC – Roscoe lounges


2014-02-22 18:25 UTC – Step carefully, the porch is slippery!


2014-02-22 18:25 UTC (posted earlier) – Going for a walk in the flurries


2014-02-22 18:34 – Umbrella joy


2014-02-22 18:34 UTC: Umbrellas are fun upside down too


2014-02-25 04:00 UTC – Watching Ghostbusters


2014-02-27 02:21 UTC – Rebecca visit selfie


2014-02-28 18:27 UTC (posted earlier) – Working hard at school

[Edit 20:58 to change the Snack time picture to show it was taken by Brandy, not Amy.]

Rough day for Alex (and Roscoe)

Yesterday was a tough day for Alex. And Roscoe too.

When we picked Alex up from school, he decided that it would be fun to pretend to be a dog as we left the building. So he was crawling on the sidewalk. He got stepped on. I am using passive voice to avoid mentioning the stepper’s identity, but it rhymes with “ommy”. :-)

Hard heel. Concrete sidewalk. Hand rapidly pulled back in pain. Finger nail ripped off. Realization that there was lots of blood and part of the finger (the nail) hanging loose attached by a thin strip. Alex screams. I scoop him up and say we need to get to the ER. Once into the car seat Alex got quiet quickly and just held his finger up and watched it.

We went to an urgent care first because it was closer, but they sent us on to the ER because they weren’t equipped to do what needed to be done on a kid his age. We got X-Rays. Nothing broken, no damage to the nail bed. But they needed to reattach the nail to protect the nail bed until a new nail grows in. He was being really quiet and good, just clinging on to me hard, but he didn’t want anyone touching his finger.

So drugs were needed to make Alex not worry too much and allow the doctor to work on his finger. (There was local anesthetic on his hand too.) In a few minutes the drugs made him not care at all about folks touching his finger. Not one little bit. Well, he was still interested in watching what they were doing. But he didn’t care that they were doing it any more.

I am refraining from posting the pictures of the fresh wound, or the procedure the doctor did itself… email me if you are interested… I do have those pictures… but after two stitches to reattach his fingernail, Alex was all bandaged up and ready to go.


Well, except we had to stay until he sobered up a bit.


Once we left, he said he was worried that kids at school would ask him about his finger and think he was stupid. Poor guy. I hope the kids at school were kind today.

Anyway, we stopped at a drug store on the way home to get some supplies we would need like extra bandages and such. He milked the situation to get some extra things he wanted… some candy, a couple toys, a big flashlight… that kind of stuff. He was very upset when we finally started saying no to additional things he was putting in the cart. Wailed about it all the way home. Although I suspect that may not all actually have been about the stuff we said no about. His drugs to make him not care about his hand had probably finished wearing off.

Once home, he just chilled on my lap and watched some shows on the iPad until he fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the medical event that was supposed to be going on yesterday was happening… earlier in the day Roscoe had been in surgery getting a lump removed from under his tail that wasn’t supposed to be there. The plan had been to pick up Alex from school, then we were going to pick up Roscoe. The accident derailed that.

Amy stepped up and picked Roscoe up from his surgery while Brandy and I were with Alex in the ER.

Roscoe is OK too. The surgery was uneventful. They are sending out stuff for tests to determine if there is anything else to worry about. Hopefully there won’t be.

But Roscoe was not happy with his new cone:


Going for a Walk in the Flurries


Foggy Night



Playing a bit more with the camera this evening. :-)