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January 2005

Loading, Unloading and Bending Over

Got up at 7 AM yesteday. Amy to school by 7:30 AM. Time for a breakfast at Denny’s then we got the moving van at 9 AM. Started loading it up immediately. I thought work was closed yesterday. Turns out that was a miscommunication. I was supposed to be there. Ooops. Too late though, we were knee deep in moving furniture. Amy came home from school at 2:30 PM and immediately fell asleep. (Sick it seems.) Truck loading continued until around 8:30 PM. Back home and unleading by about 9 PM. (The dog really needed a walk when we first got home… it had been 14 hours.)

Then the unloading. All of us were tired and cranky. Unloading was done by 2 AM. We had moved everything to the old house that was too big to fit in a car. The rest would come slowly in carloads. Brandy noticed though that the truck wouldn’t start any more. We crashed by 3 AM.

6 AM the alarm rings. 7:20 AM out the door. 7:45 Amy in School. I make a quick trip to work, then head to a doctors appointment. Last word I had from Brandy is that she had called U-Haul and they would have someone call her about the truck and wouldn’t charge us for being late as long as it was because the truck was broken.

So I headed to the Doctor. A urologist. For follow up on those kidney stones. In addition to the usual “fill this cup please” I had some fun “bend over” and “let me squeeze that” type examinations that involved rubber gloves. (I’m being sarcastic when I say fun.) In the end, they just scheduled me for a bunch more tests. Kidney stones are unusual in people my age, even with a family history, and the recurring UTIs I get as well in between stones (which may or may not be related) make it even more unusual. Apperantly my “frequency” is also abnormally high for a person my age, especially at night. So, I have a few tests prescribed over the rest of January, with a follow up in early February. Oh joy. One of the tests is just X-Rays. If more kidney stones are actually large enough to be visible on the X-Ray (as I believe 2 of the 3 I passed over the last month were)… oh, did I mention the 3rd one? That was last week. It was tiny, but shaped like a needle. Sorry for not posting pictures. Anyway, if there are any big enough to see, he may recomend the ultrasonic stone busting lipotripsy thing rather than just letting them pass. We shall see. My dad had that a few years back. It did not sound pleasant. Although perhaps more pleasant than the stones themselves.

Sigh. We’ll see if after this round of tests they actually have anything useful to say. Last time I had a bunch of tests (around 2001) they didn’t come back with any useful info. Just “Yup, you have kidney stones. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice and avoid carbonation and foods high in calcium, and if it starts to hurt, take these pain pills.” Thanks.

Anyway, about half way through the Doctors appointment, I realized that I did not have my phone. But Brandy was supposed to update me on what was happening with the truck. Including perhaps needing a ride back from the UHaul place if she did end up returning the truck. So when I got out of the Doctor, I headed straight back to work… um… OK… um…. I stopped at a drive through coffee place because I was about to keel over from exaustion.

When I got to work I found my phone and started checking my voice mail. There were EIGHT missed called from Brandy. I started listening. Lets just say they started out happy, but got less and less so as they progressed. I ended up rushing to meet Brandy and eventually all was OK, in the mean time though, Brandy had had a very bad day. I’ll leave it to Brandy to decide if she is going to tell any more of that story. We’ll see if she posts anything about it on her blog. :-) I feel really bad for not having had my phone. Most of what happened to Brandy could have been avoided. Oops. :-( Between moving the furniture and this morning, Brandy may be fairly out of commission for days. :-( I’m very sore myself from the moving and such, I can’t imagine how Brandy is feeling. :-( We probably should have coughed up the extra cash to pay movers instead of doing it ourselves. But we are trying to conserve where we can. Sigh!

OK. Doctor’s appointment over. Coffee helping me stay sort of awake. I’m now back at work. Breaktime over. Time to do some work for some of our best clients. I have several things that need to get done today. Time to do them.

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  • matt

    “Last time I had a bunch of tests (around 2001)…”
    Wow! That many tests and all they came back with was “yup, you got stones”?

  • Abulsme

    Yup. That was about it. Pretty annoying. Then I crashed into the urologist’s wife’s car while his daughter was driving in a fender bender in Princeton. Both the wife and daughter were pretty upset. I decided not to go back to that particular urologist.

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