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January 2005


My left shoulder (which I injured several years ago when I went skiing with Chris on a slope that was more ice than snow because there was freezing rain, and which was beyond my essentially non-existant skill level because the kiddie slopes were closed that day) is really hurting this morning. I’m sure I aggrivated it with all the moving heavy things and sleeping on floors and air mattresses and such. Anyway, it really hurts. I should take something maybe. I think I have one Vioxx left from when I originally got treated from the shoulder, but they have that whole heart attack thing going now, so maybe not. Maybe some OTC Motrin or something. Dunno.

I had a fever a couple days ago, but it is gone now. Still have a headache and a cough though. Amy is sick too. And I am just tired. There has been a lot going on. And not enough sleep. (Although the day I came home from work with a fever, I went right to sleep and basically slept through to morning.)

I look forward to the day, which probably won’t be for a couple weeks, where we can take a whole weekend and just relax without having to worry about things we have to get done.

2 comments to Hurty

  • Brandy

    Yes, this is definately more interesting, as you said it would be.

    You should try Tylenol #3. That will help the pain in your shoulder, or if that’s not convenient, being at work and needing to be able to read and such… naproxen is also a good choice, if you get a chance to run out for lunch.

  • Abulsme

    I will save the #3’s for when I REALLY need them…

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