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January 2005


So, this week Brandy’s mom has been visiting.

And nearly every day while I have been sitting at meetings at work and answering work emails and other such activities, my girlfriend with a bad back and my girlfriend’s mother with a history of heart issues have been packing boxes and moivng heavy things at the old house. In retrospect, that sounds really bad.

Yesterday they rented a truck and started loading boxes into the truck. We were going to try to finish moving all of our stuff out of the house we are renting from Ivan’s family today, and then clean it all up by the end of the month when we are officially supposed to be out of there.

But… right after they started loading boxes, Brandy’s mom started having chest pains. And since she had a history, there was no chancing anything. Off to the emergency room. I left work early to go meet them. After not too long a wait they were monitoring her in the ER. A couple hours later they admitted her for overnight observation.

It is now over 24 hours later. As of the last update I had from Brandy her mom is still in the hospital. They observed her overnight and she is going to have some more tests soon. If she passes, she can be released, if not, she’ll be there longer.

She is in good spirits, because appearantly she thinks her Doctor is hot. But still… the intention was her to visit and have fun… and she was insisting on helping us move… but spending a day or two in the hospital was NOT on the agenda.

But here we are.

I’m hoping I get a call from Brandy at any moment saying her mom is ready to come home. But it hasn’t happened yet.

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  • Abulsme

    Just got the call from Brandy. Bad news. Her mom failed the stress tests and such. They are keeping her in the hospital longer. She will be seeing a cardiologist shortly. She probably will be missing her flight home to PA tomorrow. We’ll have to play it by ear. Hopefully we will know more soon, but it is hard to say. They really don’t know exactly what is wrong yet, but something is definately wrong. :-(

  • Brandy

    She will definately be missing that flight. The next test is much more invasive. Last time she had it she was whisked away to the OR for a double bypass.

    You know it’s kind of crazy that people put all this stock in eating healthy and staying in shape and regular exersize and my mom who did all of those thing religiously ended up with left main disease at 49. And it seems like she waits until I am not around…out of my entire life (until now) I spent all of 4 years living outside PA. Both times this. Funny. I would have thought it was more stressful for her when I was around all the time.

    At least she was here and in a position where she could both identify a problem and get help.

  • Brandy

    She needs a surgery. She will be here a while longer. It is tentatively scheduled for Monday, but no confirmation on that yet. Then it will be a matter of how long it is until she is allowed to lug a suitcase around as to how long she relmains in Sunny FL.

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