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May 2005

Yes Virginia, there is a Mrs. Bou

image Sunday morning I flew to Pittsburgh for my friend Kathy’s wedding. But before the wedding, I met Ivan for lunch. And he brought with him his wife Juana. As far as I know, none of us old college friends had ever actually MET Juana. I could be wrong of course, I don’t talk to everybody as much as I used to. But we knew they had been dating off and on and heard the name. Occasionally there was a rare picture. Then a little while ago, we suddenly got word that they were doing a quickie wedding that weekend. And then that was done.

Well, I actually met both of them at lunch in Pittsburgh. And she seems real enough. Of course, in the initial conversation, Ivan asked some questions about what had been going on with me, my job, and other such things, and being me, I just blabbered on for most of lunch, not hearing much from Ivan, and even less from Juana. My bad. I’m sorry.

Did hear more from both of them later in the evening though. Everybody seems to be fine. Ivan is pretty much his old self. And him and I seem to have mostly put the little nastiness we had between us a few years ago to bed, which is good. :-) It was good to hang out with them.

Oh, and word is they will eventually actually have a ceremony where they invite everybody and all. It is looking like early 2006 at this time.

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  • Reb

    I had dinner with the Phatbacks last night and we were discussing how we still weren’t sure Juana existed. Of course (aside from the picture) you have precious little to share with us. You continue to suck.

  • Abulsme

    OK, lets see. She has a ring, he does not. The wedding was rescheduled from this summer to next winter because of mosquitos. She works in retail doing something or other. They bicker a bit as one would expect, but Ivan also gets all lovely dovey with her at times. She is quiet at first, but seems to open up more as she gets more comfortable. Ivan’s English is better, but Juana’s is quite good. She was upset at one point of the reception, but I have no idea why, and Ivan said he didn’t either, althouigh perhaps he found out later. Ivan had been trying to help with setting up the summer wedding, but was getting flack for making too many decsions or some such, so he’s stepped out from trying to help plan the winter one, and no (or very little) progress has been made yet on that.

    Um… she seems nice enough.

    And I think she is real. Although, I suppose she could have been an elaborite hologram. I don’t believe I actually ever touched her. And even if there was a handshake, I guess it could have been faked.

    There, better?

    PS: I’m still not sure if Gideon exists. I’ve only seen a few pictures! It could all be a ruse!

  • Reb

    Thank you.

    Al has met Gideon twice. Gideon has barfed on Al. So if you have any lingering doubts, ask Al.

  • Abulsme

    Smoke and mirrors and some wet oatmeal I tell you. All just an elaborate hoax!

  • Abulsme

    But you met Juana now…

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