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July 2005


imageMust have. Must have. Must have. Even if there is no Mac software yet. Must have. Must have. Must have. Um, well maybe after about five dozen other things higher than this in priority. But I’ve wanted something that did this for years. SlingBox. (Mentioned on like every gadget or PVR site on the web last week when it became available.)

Ivan, since you are almost always the first to try new AV gear, I expect a full report from you by the end of next week. You can watch and control your Tivo at home while you are in your hotel room in Brazil. You know you want that. You know you do.

DVD: Doctor Who: The Aztecs

imageI didn’t get home from Atlanta early enough (not even close) to do our usual weekend Doctor Who at the normal time, so we did it about 24 hours later instead. It being a holiday weekend and all.

First one up was The Aztecs. You can see a summary and all of the details at the link. The short summary is that the Doctor and his companions land in the middle of an Aztec temple, and have a little adventure as they try to escape and perhaps influence the fate of the Aztecs at the same time. This originally came out in 1964, so the flavor is just a LITTLE different than the new ones we’d been watching.

Black and White. Essentially non-existant special effects. Much slower paced. I fully expected Amy to fall asleep. We were planning on watching the first two of the four 25 minute episodes this week, and the last two next week. But at the end of the first two (with a quick break to play in the pool and watch fireworks being set off by the neighbors) she was insisting on seeing the rest. Right NOW. So we did. :-)

I’ve never really been able to get into the first Doctor. He is OK. But I kinda doubt I would have stuck with the show if he was all there was. Well, perhaps when I was a kid, which is of course the target audience. The best part was just laughing at some of the really bad effects and overacting. Always enjoyable.

Anyway, the disk is back in the mail, and we should have another by next weekend.

Of course, at the moment we have three other Netflix disks out, one picked by each of us, and we’ve had them for a long time. I’d like to get to those sometime too.