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July 2005

DVD: Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen

image We watched this over a few days again. And after all, when it was originally aired in 1967, it was four episodes, each a week apart, so that is fine. There had only been the two first doctor stories available on DVD. So it was on to the second. It has been interesting for me to watch these 1960’s episodes, because they were the ones which were NOT in circulation on PBS in the late 70s and early 80s when I was actually watching this show. The 4th Doctor was my first doctor, and I remember being shocked when I saw him regenerate into the 5th. I had no idea that could happen! Then over time I was exposed to the newer Doctors as they came about, and got to see some Third Ddoctor… but pretty much no first and Second Doctor. If I saw them, it was tidbits here and there. Which of course makes sense, since a good deal of the First and Second Doctor episodes had been destroyed by the BBC to make room in their storage closets, and just plain don’t exist any more.

I think this time around with Brandy and Amy is probably the first time I’ve really watched a complete first doctor story from beginning to end. And I know that aside from multi-doctor episodes, this is the first time I have seen the Second Doctor in Action.

And hey… I like him!!! The first Doctor was just a bbit too much the grumpy old guy on the sidelines who would occationally chip in, but didn’t do much… he left that to his companions. The second doctor is an active participant, and shows some snarky Doctor attitude. Different personality than all the other doctors of course, but I think much more in the mold of all the others than the First, who really is radically different.

The actual cybermen in this were laughable, but that just amde it funny. Their voices were almost impossible for me to understand. I’d catch some words, but they were just so modulated to make them sound cyber… that I couldn’t understand a word. I did like the little cyberman theme music that came on every time they were emerging from their hibernation chambers and such. Do, do do DO DO…. Uh, that doesn’t do it justice. But I liked it. :-)

Anyway, fun episode. Summary and stuff here. Definately dated, but hey, that’s expected. And I do like the Second Doctor. I wish more of his episodes existed. Just a handful survived. There are two Second Doctor stories available on DVD at Netflix. We’ll watch the next one in a few weeks. The next two Saturdays Amy will be visiting her Grandma, so we’ll wait until she is back again.