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October 2005

Fantasia Anybody?? Please?

For years now, I’ve slowly but surely been watching the AFI 100 Years 100 Movies list. I started at #100 and have been working my way up toward #1. The last one of these I watched was #59 Rebel Without a Cause. It was good.

But now comes my problem. The next movie on the list, #58 Fantasia is not available currently from Netflix, or directly from Amazon for normal purchase. It was still there on Netflix a few months ago, but it is not any longer. This is because of Disney’s infinantely annoying policy of only releasing their major animated works every X number of years and then only for a limited time. So the Fantasia DVDs were out, but now are not any more.

Now, they can still be bought. Amazon even has it via a bunch of their partner sellers. Problem is, the price for a NEW copy starts at $52. Even they used ones are mostly in the $30+ range. (The ones less than that seem to have missing bits or be non-US verisons.) I want to see the movie, but I’m not quite ready to pop $30 or $50 dollars on it. And I don’t want to go VHS knowing there is a DVD version out there. And I also don’t want to go looking for an, um, “online” version of it. I do want the real Disney release version. Even though the DVD release *is* edited in several places from the original theatrical release to remove some sections with negative racial overtones which is annoying. (There are a couple other related examples, but that is the reference I could find quickly.) It is what it was, and those kinds of changes just try to rewrite history… But, regardless, I want the real Disney DVD release if at all possible.

Anyway… anybody out there reading this have a copy of Fantasia on DVD that I can BORROW for a week or two to watch? I’ll then get it back to you intact and promptly. Promise. Anybody? Please?