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October 2005

Two Digits at Last!!

Since this is me, I have of course accounted for the fact that a year is not an integer number of days, time zones, leap years, and all other relevant factors… well, aside from relativistic time dilation… I must admit I didn’t account for that… I also have assumed that the clock they used to record the time of the initial event was accurate, which is probably not a good assumption, but in any case…

At 15:43:40 UTC today Amy will be exactly ten years old.

That is 11:43:40 AM Eastern, 8:43:40 AM Pacific.

So, be sure to wish her a happy birthday and all that!

Happy Birthday Amy!!!!

Tivo is Dead, Long Live Tivo!

I’ve been waiting to blog about Wilma, but I had determined that I wouldn’t do that until we were actually in the NHC’s three day cone. It looked like that would happen at the NHC’s 21 UTC update, but it didn’t. I thought surely it would happen at the NHC’s 03 UTC update. But once again it did not. So screw it, I’ll talk about something else. At least until the 09 UTC update. Maybe we’ll be in the three day bubble by then. Anyway… other topic…

I blame Erica. A couple weeks ago she emails about her Tivo suddenly not starting up. It was a dead hard drive. So what happens this weekend? The exact same thing happens to my Tivo. It was probably sympathy, since the Tivo we used here was once a brother and housemate to the Tivo of Erica’s which died. It sensed the departure of its long lost friend, and decided it had to go with it.

So anyway, we discussed if we should replace it with a stock DirecTivo, or an upgraded one. The deciding factor ended up not being cost or anything else like that, but the fact that to get a pre-upgraded one we’d have to order online and get it shipped to us. And it was Saturday night by the time we were making decisions, so even with overnight shipping that meant we wouldn’t have it until Tuesday. Which meant that it probably would not be fully set up and recording until Wednesday.

Now, we knew we could hijack Amy’s Tivo and use it to record some of our shows in the meantime (and we indeed did that over the weekend). But Brandy decided she absolutely could not wait. So Sunday we went to Circuit City and walked out with a new DirecTivo. It has less hours than the one that died, but we’ll manage. We’ll probably end up getting a third one in a couple of months so each of us can have our own Tivo and not have to share. :-)

In any case, the new Tivo was all hooked up Sunday evening, and had collected and indexed all its initial guide data and so was fully up and running by mid day Monday.

And all was once again right in the world.

Except for the fact that we lost about 100 hours of programs on the old Tivo that we hadn’t gotten around to watching yet. That made me very sad. :-(

But aside from that, all was good!