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October 2005

DVD: Firefly: Disk 4

imageWhen it was first on TV, I’d watched a couple episodes, but never really gotten into it. And it was a busy time, so I just plain didn’t get to a bunch of them. Of course, as it turned out, Fox had scrambled up all the episodes and shown them out of order so they made no sense, to the point of what was supposed to be the first episode that set the context for everything else was actually the last one they showed. Urgh!

Anyway, this summer SciFi started replaying all of them, in the correct order, from the DVD versions, which had been fixed up to be back the way they were supposed to be, both in terms of what order they were in and in adjusting a few scenes that were changed around because they were shown out of order.

Well, given all the hype about how good the series had been and with the upcoming movie and all, we had been watching it. And getting into it. Of course though, by the time the movie came out, we hadn’t quite watched all of them, and we missed a couple on the Tivo for whatever reason. So we got the DVD set. Where we left off via TV was actually in the middle of Disk 3. We watched two episodes from there, but it wasn’t a full disk, so I didn’t post here. Disk 4 was the first full disk we watched. It had three episodes. Two of which hadn’t aired on TV when it was on the first time.

The highlight was the third episode “Objects in Space”, which was also the last episode of the TV series. (Although it was not aired last.) A bounty hunter came on board, and River outsmarted him. I thought about seperately talking about each episode, but I don’t feel like it.

In any case, we finished up the TV series. It was great. A real shame it was canceled before they had even aired all the episodes that had been filmed. We had a blast watching them all summer though.

And the extra features on this DVD were fun too.