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October 2005

Oops – Update

I have been chastised by more than one person at this point because the last thing I posted was a note saying we were at the height of the storm and I wanted to go outside to play in the storm, then I did not post anything (or in many cases email anything) for many days. I apologize. We are fine.

A little bit after that last post our cable internet did go out, and stayed out for about four or five hours. But we never lost power for more than 30 seconds, and there was no damage to the house or anything like that. A lot of trees lost branches, and many of those ended up in the pool. But it was just stuff to clean up and put in a pile by the road to be picked up by the people who pick up lawn waste. No actual damage. Not really even inconvieniant. Well, except that being without Internet for several hours thing. But that was it.

One of our neighbors was not as lucky though. At some point during the storm I looked across the golf course and saw something flapping on a house across the way. I was on a conference call with work. I ran around the house trying to get Brandy’s attention, but I couldn’t. Then the phone convienantly lost signal. (Really.. I didn’t do it on purpose!) So I was able to yell to Brandy and tell her to come right away!

So then we stood on our back porch and watched the house across the golf course as its roof started to flap. Then suddenly… the whole roof just lifted into the air, flew off the house, flipped over, and landed a couple dozen feet away from the house. It was one of those metal roofs. The stuff under the metal was still there, but the metal cladding just ripped right off.


Later on, after the winds died down, a whole bunch of people were standing around that house scratching their heads and looking at it.

That would suck.

But we were fine. I just got busy as soon as the winds died down and the Internet was back. There was work. There was Amy. There was cleaning up. So no blogging and not much email occured.