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January 2006

Ruining New Year’s


Oh, and I ruined New Year’s for the second year in a row. Last year, we had waited until just before the ball dropped in NYC to set up the DirecTV dish. We hadn’t had a chance yet to perminantly mount it, which we eventually did, but rather we just made a quick hole in the ground and shoved the poole with the dish in the hole and aimed it at the sky by hand. Well, we didn’t have the hole quite deep enough, and the slightest breeze was knocking the dish off. At the moment the ball dropped, Brandy was outside wrestling with the dish while I was inside yelling if we had a signal or not. Ooops.

This year everybody was there with our little flutes of champagne and/or sparkling grape juice, and the Tivo decided it wanted to change the channel. But our remote extender wasn’t working, so I ran into the other room to tell it not to change. While I was there, I noticed the other TV was on. I yelled to Amy that she had forgotten to turn off the other TV. She started yellign at me not to turn it off and generally having a fit, I had 33 seconds to spare, so I ran to turn it off. I got back into the room just in time for 5… 4… 3… 2… but Amy was still upset and not paying attention, and we basically missed it again. Nobody was happy.

Of course, the whole thing is moot anyway, cause 2006 had really started 5 hours earlier, but for some reason people wait 5 hours to do anything about it, and I hear where I am moving they wait a whole EIGHT hours past the real new year’s to do anything.

Anyway… after that I made Amy happy again by going out with her to set off a couple quick mini-fireworks. One of them is above. The streak going off to my left is me retreating with the flashlight and match quickly as to avoid losing my hand.

Brandy on the other hand now is undoubidly convinced that I ruin every New Year’s eve. Although I think the New Year’s eve that started 2004 wasn’t all that bad.

Anyway. Oops. Sorry. Will do better next New Year’s! Well, at least if we celebrate at the real time based on UTC, not some silly local time zone. I think it is waiting several hours after the real time to do anything that throws me off. :-)

Dinner at Disney

imageYesterday Brandy, Amy and I drove over to Disney to meet Ron Adams and his family who were vacationing there for a few days. The drive over there was fine until the last few miles before Disney, which we crawled through at a few miles an hour.

But then we got to spend a couple hours sitting down to dinner with Ron. That was good. It had been several years since I had seen them in person although of course I’d talked on the phone and emailed many times. So I had some pasta and talked to Ron. Amy, Brandy, Ursula and Paisley entertained themselves for the most part. :-)

Of course on the way home it took over an hour just to get off Disney property again. We ended up not getting home until around 7 UTC. We were very tired.

But it was good to see Ron and family again. I’m glad we made the drive, even with the insane New Year’s weekend traffic.