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January 2006

DVD: Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space

imageAfter Cynthia left and headed home, the next day we decided to finally do another Doctor Who. Old Doctor Who that is. We’d watched the new Christmas special right after it aired. That one was the first full new episode for the 10th doctor. This one by contrast was from 1970 and was the first episode for the 3rd doctor. Full info here.

This was not the first time we had tried to watch this. A little over a month earlier we had started it. And well, the first of the four episodes is well, shall we say, um… slow. And Amy was getting bored and was doing other things rather than watching. And well, I was having one of my days, and so when she started doing other things besides watching, I threw a fit and took the DVD and we stopped.

This time though I was in a much better frame of mind and completely ignored Amy playing with some other things during this story, cause I had to admit it was, and not just the first episode, very slow… First of all, it was a new Doctor, and like they often do with new Doctors (including the 10th most recently) for at least the first half of the story the Doctor is basically incapacitated and recovering from regeneration. And just in general the pace of this four part story was much slower. Certainly slower than the 9th and 10th Doctor stories, but also I think slower than the pacing from the 1st and 2nd Doctor episodes.

Spearhead from Space was interesting because it was one of the episodes that introduced a new doctor. So it was interesting to see some of the mechanics of that and compare to The Christmas Invasion and to note that it used the same “enemy” as the first 9th Doctor Episode Rose. But aside from that, it wasn’t really memorable.