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January 2006

Depressing Weekend

Saturday I went out and looked at a few apartments. None really grabbed my interest and I started getting upset about the housing situation again. Bleh. Main decision out of Saturday was to not think AT ALL about possibilites of where all three of us will stay once Brandy and Amy join me in the summer, but JUST about a place for me for the next few months. Cause my standards are a lot lower for that. I don’t need something that great for just a few months. And we can worry about the other later. Oh well. Sending out a whole bunch more availability inquiries off today. I need to make a decision in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday was worse though. I’m do not believe I have mentioned this on the blog before, but we found out in November that Princely, the dog Brandy got before she got Amy, has terminal bone cancer. Most likely with just a few months left. There really were no viable treatment options especially given that Princely was already 11 years old (which for a 100+ pound dog of his breed is a good life). All we could do was give him pain killers and such and keep him as happy and comfortable as possible for as long as possible. He has still been in good spirits and happy. With a limp, not able to walk as far without getting tired, but dealing with it and generally still seeming like he was enjoying life. Gradually getting worse, but still getting along and seeming happy. This weekend though he took a serious turn for the worse. Time is running out. The “few months” back in November are now almost up. Looks like I will be flying home this weekend to be with Brandy and Amy… and Princely… to cut things short before he is really suffering. If it looks necessary, I will fly home before the weekend.

Like I said, depressing weekend.