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January 2006

Week One

Almost to the minute it is one week since I first walked in the door as an employee here. I won’t do the day by day thing again like I did over the weekend, cause I’m at work and have things to do damn it! But did just want to say it has been a good week. I am still 99% in learning mode rather than doing mode, but I am starting (starting I say) to get a grasp of all the various things going ont hat I need to know about. And it is fun. I look forward to many of the meetings because in them we get to start talking about algorithms and how things work and fit together. Some of it is still beyond what I am absorbing yet, but other parts I get right away and start having opinions on. Still other things lead me to want to do more research to make sure I understand exactly what is going on. So, for instance, I just ordered a Textbook on Machine Learning. This is going to be fun.

Speaking of which, today they have a series of speakers in all day long on various technology topics. I’m going to try to attend several of them, and the first one starts in about 10 minutes, so I think I’ll grab some coffee and head there.

Then tomorrow I have my first meeting with people where I’m expected to actually be doing something rather than soaking up information. Gulp! Here we go…