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January 2006

Cinema: Hoodwinked

imageWhen I was back in Florida this weekend one of the items on the agenda was a movie. Frankly, all three of us were too tired for much else. I had not slept on the red eye on the way to Florida. Amy had been bad and stayed awake too. And Brandy had only managed a few hours of sleep herself. We didn’t know what was on, just headed to the theater and saw what was on. Two other prospects were not starting for more than 90 minutes. Hoodwinked was starting in about 40 minutes. So Hoodwinked it was.

When it started my first frustration was that there was a spot in the middle of ths screen that was a little out of focus. Not so bad that it was impossible to watch, but enough so that you (or at least I) constantly noticed and was distracted by it. I yelled (well, muttered under my breath) “FOCUS!” a few times, but it stayed messed up.

Then the movie started. After about the first 20 minutes I was thinking “ARGH! This is horrible! I wish I could drive a spike through my head!”. It seemed like every joke was falling completely flat. The animation was not impressive. The plot seemed to not be going anywhere. Etc.

But then, luckily, it started picking up. Basically the transition came after Red stopped telling her tale and it moved on to the wolf. Then it started getting better. I started laughing at some of the jokes. I started being more interested in what was happening. By the end of the movie I had switched my opionion to it having been a strange little movie, but amusing and fun. So I’m glad I went. But oh my did it start slow!