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January 2006

Treo Number Seven… Or Two

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six….

Treo number six (the first 650 rather than 600) jumped in the pool then recovered then jumped in a bucket of mop water, then mostly recovered.

But it was indeed a “mostly recovered” it would periodically reset itself randomly. And that seemed to be getting more and more frequent, and sometimes it would just lock up completely and need to have the battery taken out and put back in to go again. With all the resetting every few minutes it was draining battery very quickly and I was missing calls. This is all probably because when I let it dry after the mop, I only let it dry a few days, rather than a couple weeks like after the pool incident. All the instructions about drying phones that get wet say you really do have to allow a couple of weeks to get everything completely dry (especially when you can’t completely disassemble it). When I turned it back on there was still visible water in the screen. Oops.

Anyway, I lived with that for almost two months, but this is why I now have the cheap insurance that Sprint offers with their phones for a few bucks a month on your monthly bill. Eventually (about a week and a half ago) I decided that enough was enough, and it was time. A single phone call and a $50 deductible later and a new (refurbished) Treo 650 was on the way. Over the weekend when I was back in Florida I switched over. So I am now on Treo Number Seven.

By the time this one is, um, done, maybe the Treo 700p will be out. (I have no interest in the Treo 700w). We shall see. I shall try to avoid pools and buckets of mop water for the moment.