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June 2006

Guy in My Apartment!!


Got back from a meeting and noticed that Cronus, my computer at home which is home to both my wiki and my webcam was not responding. Luckily, today I’d had both the usual external webcam and the internal one going. They were both frozen on the last image they captured. The last image on the internal webcam was the one above. Hmmm…

Of course, I had all the cameras set because I knew they were coming. Somebody from the apartment complex doing a “routine inspection”. Of course, the thing that pisses me off is that on that last frame you can see the guy’s hand going for that lightswitch… the lightswitch that happens to be connected to the plug where my cable modem and wireless router are plugged in (I know, bad place to plug those in). So as he left he flips the switch and boom… no more internet connection or camera pictures… or Wiki.

I’d set both cameras to take more frames in their time laspses than they usually though, but I think I messed up the way in which it was set, so it may not come out right. I didn’t realize until I was at work and it was too late to change. The switch only controls power to the internet connections, not to the computer, so hopefully I’ll have full timelapses when I get home… just messed up I think.

I am thinking I accidentally set it so there will be one timelapse with alternating frames from the two cameras rather than two seperate timelapses. Either that, or I’ll only have one timelapse from the external camera. Or, it could be screwed and I’ll have nothing at all. I guess I’ll find out when I get home.

After my last meeting today I may have to go work from home so that I can get that connection back on. Having it off is driving me nuts.

Falling Prices

Over the weekend we dropped the asking price on the house in Florida about 10 grand. Ten grand and six dollars to be exact.

The price of the house now matches my customer ID at the place I work. Not my employee ID, my customer id. Which back in the day when I made my account in 1997 were given out sequentially. Little did I know before I came to work here that I was six people away from a very round number. If I had just hesitated one or two seconds before placing my very first order back in 1997, I would have had a customer ID with five zeros in it and that would have been very cool. As it is, I have four nines in a row, and that is kind of neat, but not quite as neat.

Anyway, since it turned out that the price we were going to drop it to anyway was right near there, I said why not, and set it to match exactly. It probably won’t, but if it actually sells at exactly that price it would be kinda nifty.

Anyway, as predicted a month ago when we finally got the place on the market things are pretty darn slow. We’re maybe getting one or two people a week looking at it. Our price per square foot was actually somewhat agressive (even before this drop) compared to other houses in the area that sold within the last six months and other houses currently on the market. It is just that very few people are in the market right now in our area. Our agent said things were averaging being on the market 90-120 days before they get an offer. He wasn’t kidding.

Hopefully this will get us some additional traffic, preferably even an offer. If not, we’ll reevaluate again after another month. We could have been even more agressive to try to prompt it to move faster, but while we want (need) the thing to sell, we’re not yet at the point where we’ll just drop it a crazy amount just to get it to sell “NOW”.

But the paying for a house plus an apartment thing really can’t go on forever. We start the monthly payments for Amy’s school on July 1st and things are already tight enough as they are.

Morning Note on Coffee

Spilling coffee on your mouse on Friday afternoon and then leaving it to dry until Monday morning is NOT the best way to have an enjoyable mousing experience to start off the work week.