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June 2006

Maude Mae Rayburn

imageMy father’s mother’s mother. Most of what I know about her is what one of her nephews, Charles Rayburn, wrote quite a few years later. I quote it completely here:

Many uncles, aunts, neighbors and teachers influenced who we were and who we are. Aunt Maude, one of Dad’s two sisters deserves special recognition.

She and her husband, Uncle Bill Wootton, met in college. Uncle Bill has an amazing “rags to riches” career, finally owning the Lockyears Business College in Evansville, Indiana. His resources gave aid to all of her nieces and nephews.

She made our Christmas each year. Each year we received a box of candy, toys and clothes. This was very important. Without this our Christmases would have been bleak. Aunt Maude made Christmas joyful and exciting.

Each summer Aunt Maude and her two daughters came to visit Grandpa and Grandma Rayburn for a summer vacation. It was great to visit with and listen to these city cousins. Aunt Maude brought fireworks for celebrating July 4th. She usually brought marshmellows for roasting and oranges as a special treat.

Aunt Maude opened our minds to life outside the hills. She excited us with the vast opportunities which lay ahead.

She purchases the old farm from Mom just before I went away to school. This would allow Mom to continue to live there and have funds to send William and me to school. She had no need for the pitiful farm and no desire to own it. It had no value to her butit provided Mom a method of maintaining her pride without seeking welfare.

Aunt Maude taught us altruistic giving by her remarkable examples. This was deeply engraved in our spirits.

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