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June 2006

So It Begins


Nine days into the season and we have the first activity in the Atlantic Basin on the NHC warning chart. Woo!

Generation 2

I have now completed posting Generation 2 on this blog. So time to see “where Sam is from” if you consider where ancestors at different generations were born. If you remember the more recent generations:

Generation 0:

100% Wisconsin

Generation 1:

50% District of Columbia
50% Ohio

And now…

Generation 2:

25% North Carolina
25% Kentucky
25% Arkansas
25% Vermont

The center of mass here is definitely moving South… Hmmm… I should put some of this on a map… in my head I see charts and animations… Hmmm… OK, this is probably my cue to shut down and go to bed. Cause if I start thinking that way, I could be up for many hours making maps. And that would probably be bad.

Marion Vera Hurlburt

imageThe for another ancestor. This time my mother’s mother, Marion Vera Hurlburt. She was born in Mendon, Vermont and died just a few months short of 100 years later in Southampton, Massachusetts.

In the intervening place she did a lot and lived in many places. At least eight states and two countries. High School in Maine. College in Ohio. Nursing School in Rhode Island. Followed her husband’s ministries in Maine and Ohio before he died young leaving her a single mother with two children and pregnant with a third (my mother). Then a full career as a nurse in various locations in Vermont, including 16 years as the nurse in residence for a residential school for children in need.

Then as soon as the last of her children (my mother) graduated college, she left the country to be a missionary nurse in Turkey for five years in her 60’s. Finally she retired to Massachusetts in 1973. And of course it is there that I visited her many times as a child, through to the last years of her life a few years back.

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