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A Bird in the Head

Early on Sunday while I was in the office I heard a cry from the other room. “Sam, I need you!” I rush out. What is going on? Birds in the living room. Finches or sparrows or something.

Two had flown in through the open sliding door to our patio. We’ve been keeping it open when it is nice out and we are home. Unfortunately one of the birds had flown straight through the house and attempted to go out the other side, hitting a window full force and breaking his neck instantly.

But the second bird, seeing what had happened to his friend that he was chasing, had turned aside and was now flying around the living room. We got the dog downstairs. We put the curtains and such in front of all the remaining open windows, and started trying to help the bird find the way out. After sitting in a couple of different places he had gone to hide above a cupboard in the kitchen.

I got up on a chair to try to catch him. I almost had him, I had him mostly in my hand and was about to close around him when he flew again. In a big circle around the kitchen… then he landed on my head.

“OK, that’ll do” I said and slowly got off the chair and walked toward the back door. He just stayed there on my head. I made it to the patio with the bird still sitting on my head. Obviously a very scared little bird.

He stayed on my head about a minute. Long enough for Brandy to get her cellphone and snap a couple of pictures. Then he realized that we were outside again and flew off to a nearby tree.

I’m sorry only one made it. :-( But at least we were able to help this one a bit.

And he sat on my head!