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Gonzo Speaks

I was going to lay off the politics and switch to something else, but I couldn’t let this go. Alberto Gonzales testified again yesterday. And he made a complete mess of things yet again. Can this man dig his hole any deeper? As usual, TPM Muckraker had the wall to wall coverage. Here are quick links to all the relevant stories:

Whew. That’s a lot. I wasn’t able to actually listen to the hearings yesterday (work and all), but these summaries get the gist of it and there are video clips of the best parts. Even the Republicans are getting increasingly upset at Gonzo, and he seems to insist on continuing to lie directly to their faces. The Senators are getting more and more fed up. The question is, will they actually do anything about it? And if so, will enough cross the aisle to be able to make it stick?

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