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November 2007

Curmudgeon’s Corner: It is a Cycle, It is all Connected

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Guiliani Economic Advisor on Taxes
  • Tax Plans and Pay as You Go
  • Dollar Denominated Debt and the Coming Recession
  • Effect of the Iraq War on the Economy
  • Hillary’s Recent Iowa Speech
  • Obama’s Recent Iowa Speech
  • Primary Season Surprises
  • Dynamics of Iowa
  • Possibility of Front Loading Backfiring

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DVD: Fly Away Home

This weekend was time for a movie picked by me. THe next on my Netflix queue was “Fly Away Home”, a kids movie from 1996 that I remember really wanting to watch at a time. Yeah, OK, fine, I was 25 and it was a kids movie. Whatever. I wanted to see it. But I never did. Until this weekend.

Now, neither Amy nor Brandy would agree to watch it with me. But I set up in the family room with the projector and watched it.

For those that don’t know and didn’t click through to the Wikipedia link on the picture, this is a movie about a young girl who adopts and orphaned flock of geese and eventually leads them on their southern migration by ultralight.

So well… I loved the movie. It is exactly the kind of movie that gets me going. Sappy. Sentimental. Cute. Happy ending. All that.

Yeah, I know. This is not the makings of a cinematic masterpiece to last the ages. And not the type of movie that is designed for a 36 year old male. But I like this kind. It is a sweet cute movie. So leave me alone and let me like my sappy kids movie!