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November 2007

Damn Early Sunset

During the summer I usually leave work around 01:00 UTC. In the winter, since everybody seems to nonsensically do things an hour later, I usually aim at around 02:00 UTC. It varies according to what is going on of course.

But this is that time of year where it is getting dark earlier and earlier. Today sunset is at 00:32 UTC in Seattle. And it is getting about a minute earlier each day at the moment. It will be the earliest from about December 5th to December 16th, when the sun will be setting at 00:18 UTC. After that it starts getting better again.

But this time of year sucks the most. Making myself work and be productive at work after it is already dark is hard. I like daylight. Daylight is fun.

Now, having said that, I can often get into a very productive groove LATE at night… but that period right before and right after sunset I find really difficult.

Maybe I should just suck it up and move my whole daily work routine a couple of hours earlier in the day. That might do the trick and maximize use of daylight.

But it would also require me to go to be earlier if I don’t want to be a zombie all that, and that sucks too.

So I’ll just have to suck it up and force myself to be productive during those hours that suck for a couple of months until the sun comes out again in the spring.

I’m ready to just hibernate for the winter though. Why can’t I do that?

(I note I complain about this almost every year about this time…)