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November 2007

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Oh… I licked the dog!

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To days to come. — All my love to long ago.


Musharraf’s Uniform

In all the coverage of Pakistan in the last week or so, lots of people from the President, to the Secretary of State, to various Presidential candidates have been all over TV saying, amongst other things, things to the effect of: “I have strongly urged President Musharraf to take off his uniform” or “Musharraf has said he would take off his uniform, and we urge him to do so sooner rather than later” or “President Musharraf must take off his uniform!”.

Now, I know what they all mean. But I keep seeing in my head President Musharaff going on Pakistani national television, saying “FINE, I will take off the uniform!” then proceeding to rip off his clothes and then run around the studio naked.

Not that I *want* this image in my head mind you, but whenever I hear them urging him to take off his uniform, that is what comes to mind. I mean, really. All these politicians are doing is urging the man to get naked.

Yeah, yeah, they really mean resign his military commission and become a civilian. But that is NOT what they are saying…