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November 2007

Dizzy Sam

Last night driving home from work I started getting a headache and a bit lightheaded. After a brief stop to get coffee with Brandy and a quick trip to the grocery store I crashed at home. I didn’t actually just go to sleep, although I should have. But I was basically non-functional and non-productive all evening. I didn’t even look at my email… let alone answer any. I didn’t do anything else even remotely useful.

I pulled the Poang in front of my computer and watched recorded C-Span coverage of various Presidential campaign events for three or four hours. And some other news shows. Oh yeah, and an episode of C-Span’s Presidential Libraries series. For those of you who may not have been watching, it is a very good series. If you missed them, you can watch all the ones that have aired so far on the C-Span website I linked to two sentences ago. There is only one left to air.

Anyway, I did absolutely nothing useful, but I was still up until 10 UTC or so.

So today I am tired, and still have a headache.

Oh, and there was an earthquake on the other side of Puget sound from us at about 6:30 UTC yesterday. We didn’t feel anything ourselves, but the highlight of the news coverage of the evening was when the breathless news reporter talked on the phone to someone who had felt it. When asked how strong it was, the guy said “It was so strong my dog got up and walked around.” It made me laugh. It was a very small earthquake.