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November 2007

Huckabee and Others

Over the last couple days I watched a long form (hour plus) item that was originally broadcast on C-Span a few weeks ago where Gov Huckabee took questions from a group of high school students and answered them taking however much time he liked.

A few thoughts on this… one, it was refreshing to see this kind of format instead of the soudbite things you get in the debates… it is nice to see someone actually having time to articulate and explain their positions. I’m trying to watch more of these type of things as we get closer to the end of the pre-primary season.

Second, I may disagree with Huckabee on quite a few things, but he seems like an honest forthright guy who is actually telling you what he believes. And it seems like he has spent a long time thinking about his positions, they aren’t just reflexive reactions, or the results of polling or focus groups.

This is also refreshing.

I doubt I would ever vote for Huckabee. But I realized that I would NOT be upset if this man was elected President. He would do some things I didn’t like in areas where we dissagree. But there are other areas where he seems reasonable and moderate and would just do a decent job. He reminds me a bit of George H W Bush… strongly held beliefs in a few areas, but basically a good guy trying to do what is right, and willing to be practical and compromise when needed. Huckabee probably wouldn’t be my choice, but it seems he would be “OK”.

This led me to think for a second, forgetting which candidates I would actually CHOOSE and who was my preference, which of them would I actually be UPSET about taking the Presidency.

So looking at the current top six in each party, here is what I came up with… I’d be “OK” with *all* of the candidates *except* the two front runners. Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton. I’d be pissed, upset, and worried about either one of them becoming president.

Paul, Thompson, McCain, Romney, Huckabee… Edwards, Richardson, Obama, Gore, Biden…

I think I’d be OK with all of them, even if they were not my first or second choices. Now, some I am actually a little unsure about… Thompson and Romney fit into that category. I haven’t spent enough time with either to really make a final call. I may yet find out things that move them into the “not OK” category. But for now…

The one thing I am apperantly sure of is that I strongly dislike both of the front runners.

I really hope the people in second and third pick up some more momentum and manage to knock them out of front runner status.

The idea of the two of them being the primary choices next November is just such a horrible thought.

Paul keeps saying he won’t, but I hope he reconsiders and runs 3rd party.

Then of course, the recent rumor is that Lou Dobbs is considering running too. He’d be in my “Upset” category, but a race with him in it sure would be fun to watch.