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January 2008

Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Author: J. K. Rowling
Started: 13 Jan 2008
Finished: 20 Jan 2008
652 p / 8 d
82 p/d

So, having just finished the big text book thing, I figured it was time to catch up on Harry Potter. I was two books behind. So Harry Potter Book 6 it was.

It was OK. But I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed. Now, I read Book 5 in 2005… so it had been awhile and I can’t say my memories for comparison purposes are very good. But it seems like less happened in this one. It was a lot slower paced.

Of course most of that was delving into memories to learn more about Voldemort. And that was all interesting stuff, but it didn’t have the, oh my, I must turn the page right now to find out what happens next sort of quality to it.

And the big thing at the end… unfortunately, by waiting as long as I had before reading it, I had indeed been exposed to a spoiler, despite working very hard to try to avoid it. As I remember correctly, it was a post on BoingBoing talking about a t-shirt someone was selling covered with spoilers of various things, from Rosebud to Who shot JR to Luke’s Father to the ending of Harry Potter Book 6. It really pissed me off at the time, and I think probably reduced the effect of the last few chapters of the books.

Anyway… I’m still looking forward to Book 7. And so far I’m spoiler free.

I averaged a healthy 82 pages per day on this book. Much faster than the textbook before this. :-)

A non-fiction is next. I started it within seconds of finishing Harry Potter last weekend. But I’m letting one non-work non-fiction into the mix before the next work non-fiction. And then maybe I’ll let my next fiction book be the last Harry Potter. :-)

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