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March 2008

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Margaritas, Bullets and Bombs

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Spitzer’s Happy Week
  • Office 2008, Vista and Apple
  • Tanking Economy Continued
  • iPhone Supply and SDK
  • Election Update

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Note: This week I have switched from m4a format to mp3. We have not used the extra “Enhanced Podcast” features for many months and even then we didn’t do anything interesting with them. So it seemed that going with the more universal mp3 format would be a good change, as people will be able to listen to the podcast with a wider variety of software in a wider number of devices… if they so wish. So, for instance, I believe this means that those of you with modern Tivos can subscribe to this podcast on your Tivo if you want. Woo!

Iowa Returns

The Iowa caucuses that kicked off this whole Presidential race were of course actually the only the first stage of a multi-part caucus process. The results of the second stage are reflected for the first time today. Originally Iowa had split 19 delegates for Obama, 18 for Clinton and 14 for Edwards. This was the number of predicted national delegates to come out at the end of the whole process if each delegate at each stage voted the way they were supposed to.

For this second stage there was some effort among Edwards delegates to stick with Edwards and make sure Edwards retained influence in the next stage. They managed to keep some of their representation, but many Edwards supporters switched to Obama or Clinton. It also looks like at least some Clinton supporters flipped as well, which I find quite interesting.

In any case, the new split in Iowa is Obama 26, Clinton 17, Edwards 8. Which means Edwards loses 6 delegates, Clinton loses 1 delegate and Obama gains 7.

In the end, this means Obama’s delegate lead over Clinton expands by 8 to 139 delegates.