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@abulsme Updates from 2012-05-13 (UTC)

  • MT @BaFana3: Dear Obama, when a US drone missile kills a child, the father will go to war with you, guaranteed. Nothing to do with Al Qaeda. #
  • RT @smotus: Oh, please. Already? // Poll: Hillary Clinton takes commanding early lead in Iowa for 2016 #
  • Reading – George Lucas Does Something Likeable For a Change: Revenge on Rich Neighbors (Peter Hall) #
  • RT @KarenGillan2: And that's a wrap! Bye bye from the ponds. We love you. #
  • MT @LarrySabato: Nov effect of gay marriage issue: Red states get Redder, Blue states get Bluer, Purple states–well, that's the tough part. #
  • Reading – Buddy Roemer, the Anti-Spoiler (Lawrence Lessig) #

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