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@abulsme Updates from 2012-05-06 (UTC)

  • Reading – Ron Paul backers dominate Iowa GOP nominees for national convention (Jennifer Jacobs) #
  • MT @FHQ: Fake Paul delegate lists have made appearances at both #nvgop and #megop conventions. …visions of party-printed ballots in 1800s #
  • RT @daveweigel: In case you were wondering, Gary Johnson running away with LP nomination at convention in Vegas. 150 of 226 votes so far #
  • RT @thenewmexican: Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson wins Libertarian Party presidential nomination #
  • RT @FHQ: Folks dismissing notion of Paul delegates in Tampa need look no further than #nvgop & #megop conventions today. [1/2] #
  • RT @GovGaryJohnson: Humbled to receive the LP Nomination; Ready to give America a real choice in Nov. @RonPaul @LPNational #TCOT #
  • RT @FHQ: Any semblance of this type of chaos in Tampa is a nightmare of embarrassment for Romney & RNC. [2/2] #
  • RT @FHQ: Paul folks see themselves as building/reshaping GOP while Romney folks see Paul supporters as potentially dividing party [1/2] #
  • RT @FHQ: Determining the extent of that problem & solving it prior to Tampa/fall campaign will be a key moving forward. [2/2] #
  • MT @dmataconis: 2012 Libertarian Party Presidential ticket is @GovGaryJohnson for President and @JudgeJimGrayVP for Vice-President. Follow! #
  • Watching – Star Wars Main Title Theme Vocal Cover (nmckaig) #
  • Reading – Put Away The Bell Curve: Most Of Us Aren’t ‘Average’ (Shankar Vedantam) #
  • Reading – The incredible shrinking labor force (Brad Plumer) #
  • Watching – Yosemite Range of Light (Shawn Reeder) #
  • Reading – Not Getting It (John Gruber) #
  • Reading – DOJ Official: Any Privacy Protection is Too Much Privacy Protection for Cell Phone Tracking (Hanni Fakhoury) #
  • Reading – Surveillance State democracy (Glenn Greenwald) #
  • MT @thinkprogress: “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women” -Joe Biden #
  • MT @ggreenwald: Biden & WH now attempting rapidly 2 backtrack on his same-sex marriage statement & #
  • Reading – FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites (Declan McCullagh) #
  • Reading – FranГ§ois Hollande wins French presidential election (Angelique Chrisafis) #
  • RT @TheFix: Ron Paul wins 22 of 25 delegates at NV GOP convention. #
  • MT @FHQ: Unlike NV, ME natl committeeman/woman take offce on being elected. Paul supporters just elected to spots in ME#automaticdelegates
  • RT @cdixon25: #RonPaul has taken over the #Megop state committee!!! #mepolitics #
  • RT @EdEspinoza: My favorite Charles Barkley quote on politics was in 2008: “I used to be a Republican, ’til they lost they minds.” #

I’m in Space!

Finally! Took long enough. (Although I only did a little at a time and sometimes went many weeks without playing.)

Alex helped me a lot. He sat with me and excitedly jumped up and down and provided running commentary for at least half of the time I played.

There is still the multi-player mode though…

Edit 2012 May 6 19:15 UTC: Just checked and saw that Portal 2 was released on 2011 Apr 19 and we got it on the day it was released. So it took me a couple weeks more than a year to finish this. Nice and slow I guess. :-)