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@abulsme Updates from 2012-05-28 (UTC)

19 Years Later

At my graduation in 1993.

At Cynthia’s graduation in 2012.

They don’t do caps and gowns at Oberlin (at least most of them didn’t, including Cynthia), but Cynthia none the less has now graduated.

Next up is veterinary school at Tufts in Massachusetts starting in the fall.

Sunday at Oberlin

Cathy said she didn’t like how I made all the people orange and blotchy on Saturday’s pictures, so even though I sometimes like how they look, today’s pictures are all straight off the iPhone camera without any “enhancing” filters… except for cropping. I did crop most of these.


Cathy makes a funny face because I was taking her picture, while Dad looks on.


Cynthia and Grandfather Sunshine having a staring contest. They both started laughing seconds later.


Dad looking through the guide to this weekend’s events.


Cathy at one of the receptions.