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@abulsme Updates from 2012-05-09 (UTC)

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  • RT @ZekeJMiller: It looks like Romney may soon overtake Obama in the RCP poll of polls #
  • Reading – Al Qaeda Bomb Cell Infiltrated By Insider Who Foiled New Airline Plot: Officials (Esposito, Schwartz, Ross) #
  • MT @CenteredPols: RT @jamiedupree: In WV, a federal prison inmate is getting 33% of the vote in the Dem primary against President Obama #
  • RT @daveweigel: Keith Judd currently winning 42.44% of the #WVprimary vote against Obama. This Keith Judd. #
  • MT @thinkprogress: FACT: Last time NC amended their constitution on marriage it was to ban interracial marriage #
  • MT @McCainBlogette: Way to be a bad southern cliche NC. I'm sure your grandkids will look back on this day in horror. #loveisnotamistake #
  • RT @daveweigel: Keith Judd breaks 50,000 votes — he has now won more votes for president than Rick Perry. #
  • RT @jimacostacnn: On the bright side, Obama doing better in WV tonight than in 08 when he lost to Hillary Clinton: 67-26% #
  • Reading – Obama Loses West Virginia Delegates To Prison Inmate (Andrew Kaczynski) #
  • RT @SteveKornacki: This could be a very interesting Democratic convention if the Keith Judd and Randall Terry delegates team up #
  • RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Keith Judd will eventually lose all his delegates at the state convention to Ron Paul so it doesn't matter. #
  • MT @OreoDCW: QT @FHQ: Preliminary del count, post-IN/NC/WV / Josh… Ever watch past the credits in Ferris Bueller? It's over… Go home. #
  • Reading – The Case for Ron Paul's Agents of Chaos (Conor Friedersdorf) #
  • Seriously? Can see it though. MT @EdEspinoza: Veepstakes: Romney may be sizing up Mike Huckabee as a running mate. #
  • RT @BreakingNews: US President Barack Obama declares support for same-sex marriage – @ABC #

Front Facing!


At first it was scary and there were tears, because he had never ridden front facing before. He had always riden rear facing. Then he realized how much he could see. Truck! Ambulance! Red Light! It was a thrilling ride to school facing forward!

(Yeah, the picture is blurred because he was moving, but it was the one that best showed his joy after the trip. :-) )

2012 Republican Delegate Count: NC, IN, WV Results – Santorum Eliminated

Charts from the 2012 Republican Delegate Count Graphs page. When a candidate gets down to 0%, they have clinched the nomination. If they get above 100%, they have been mathematically eliminated. The first chart is by date, the second is by “% of Delegates Already Allocated”. These numbers include estimates of the eventual results of multi-stage caucus processes which will be refined as the later stages occur.

Yawn! This is so past over it isn’t funny, but I’ll be doing these posts until Romney gets to 1144!

Anyway, the new delegates awarded tonight are:

  • North Carolina – Romney 36, Santorum 6, Paul 6, Gingrich 4
  • Indiana – Romney 27
  • West Virginia – Romney 22, Santorum 2

So that makes the total for today Romney 85, Santorum 8, Paul 6, Gingrich 4.

Hmm. Wonder who won tonight?

With 82.5% of the delegates, Romney did way better than the 29.7% of the delegates he needed to continue on pace for clinching the nomination.

Meanwhile, Santorum finally reached the point where even if he got 100% of the remaining delegates he could not catch up and win.

So now there is only one. But Romney still has to finish mopping up the delegates.

He now only needs 23.0% of the delegates that are left in order to get to 1144. Next up is Oregon on the 15th. Then Kentucky and Arkansas on the 22nd. Then Texas on the 29th. Texas will probably be the state that puts Romney over the top unless he does much worse than expected between now and then.