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@abulsme Updates from 2012-05-15 (UTC)

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2012 Republican Delegate Count: Another West Virginia Update

Charts from the 2012 Republican Delegate Count Graphs page. When a candidate gets down to 0%, they have clinched the nomination. If they get above 100%, they have been mathematically eliminated. The first chart is by date, the second is by “% of Delegates Already Allocated”. These numbers include estimates of the eventual results of multi-stage caucus processes which will be refined as the later stages occur.

Very minor one delegate update in West Virginia. In fact, today’s update is the mirror image of the update we made on May 10. On that day a delegate listed as Romney moved over to the TBD column. Today, a delegate from the TBD column moves to the Romney column. West Virginia is now Romney 24, Santorum 2, TBD 5.

So +1 delegate for Romney today. He must be thrilled.

In terms of % of remaining needed to win, Romney goes from 23.1% to 23.0%.

Oregon is voting in a few hours, so there may be an ever so slightly more interesting update tomorrow.

Edit 2012 May 15 15:43 UTC – Nebraska too!

Edit 2012 May 16 14:33 UTC – Although Nebraska’s vote was non-binding and thus no delegates were awarded.